Austin XL 1000 Pit Boss Review (Ultimate Guide)

The Austin XL 1000 Pit Boss made for great versatility and outstanding performance. We know you are looking for information about it. Here we gathered some useful information by doing the Austin XL 1000 Pit Boss Review.

This Pit Boss xl 1000 is available on Amazon with a great price tag. In its price, it is giving the contest to the Traeger grill.

To help you out, I did an in-depth test of this Austin Xl 1000 pit boss, concluding whether building materials, cooking areas, and reunions from older customers. I hope that these review articles will help you buy them.

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Austin XL 1000 Pit Boss Review

Before making a decision should read our Pit Boss Austin xl 1000 review. It is designed just to save your precious time and hard-earned money. Because I know how much hard work you earn from this which is good for your family.

This pit boss xl 1000 pellet grill review takes just 4-5 minutes of yours, you will have complete information about what you have to decide. So let’s start.

Features of Pit Boss Pellet Grill xl 1000

Austin XL 1000 Pit Boss Review

Built Material

  • High-Grade powder-coated steel structure body
  • Heavy-Duty cooking grates steel with Porcelain-coated
  • A huge cooking capacity
  • Excellent pellet capacity hopper
  • Stainless steel shelves

Easy Uses

  • Auto switching-on-off system
  • Fully functional LED control panel
  • Wide temperature range to great for smoking and grilling
  • Pellet purge system
  • Excellent reliable heat regulation
  • Mobility

Extra Features

  • Meat probe
  • Removable serving tray
  • Innovative flame broiler for direct flame grilling
  • 5-year limited warranty

Pros of the Pit Boss xl 1000 Pellet Grill

Austin XL 1000 Pit Boss Review
  • The price of high-quality material for this smoker is great.
  • The Pit-Boss XL has a huge cooking capacity offer that needs to entertain your big party.
  • The wide temperature range gives you the versatility to smoke, roast, braise and grill practically anything.
  • The Digitally controlled board accurately reached the desired temperature and keeps it there reliably
  • The hopper has a 31-pound pellet capacity for longer cooking without adding the extra pellets
  • The Innovative flame broiler for direct flame grilling
  • The Pit Boss smoker switching on-off feature automatically means great convenience.
  • The price includes 2 meat probes that display temperature on the LCD panel
  • Pellet clean system
  • 5-year warranty

Cons of the Pit Boss 1000 xl Pellet Grill

  • Now WiFi integrated
  • Cleaning manually

Construction & Durability

Austin XL 1000 Pit Boss Review

Austin Xl Pit Boss is made of heavy-duty steel which is great but there is no documentation about the thickness of the steel. But to check the thickness of the steel, you can feel the difference by just lifting the lid.

Companies make a lot of claims, but it is their job to make claims because they want to sell their product. Check with your hands so that you can tell that they are made of thick or thin metal. I believe a good grill that should be heavy, I don’t know what you think. The grill keeps it warm and smokes for a long time due to being heavy.

The Pit-Boss xl 1000 has stainless steel side shelves that connect on the right side of the unit and have a removable interior shelf. There is a cart made of angular steel joined with roller-type wheels on the rear side and 360-degree castors on the front that provide great mobility. This Pit Boss 1000 xl is designed for excellent durability.

Cooking Area

The second thing I notice is that the 1,000-square-inch cooking surface made me think of this awesome location and grill. 1,000 square inches of cooking is enough for cooking. Enough to entertain your guests, friends, and family, you needed enough space to cook for parties other than family.

The Pit Boss pellet grill xl 1000 main cooking area has 930 square inches. There is a secondary cooking area that has only 70 square inches, this is very little space for the warming rack but mostly uses only the main cooking area for you, and we left it with the unit for our own use.

The true versatility of this pit boss features 8-in-1 grills that will serve any BBQ purpose. You can cook large amounts of meat for your guests at once, easily baking 8 animal butts. 3 full packets at the same time to cook enough burgers and 52 burgers to feed a party.


The Austin xl 1000 does not have WiFi integrated into its price which is fixed but there is auto-ignition which is easy and quick switching on-off features. The Smoker grill has a 31-pound pellet hopper and that gives reliable temperature regulation, which means just set & wait until foods are not ready to eat.

Compare this to the vertical bullet smoke model of the Pit Boss and don’t even think that the 31-pound hopper is meant for 24-hour cooking if you have 12 to 15 hours of cooking in normal weather, which I am manta. But the use of pellet smoking may vary greatly depending on the conditions.

If you talk about how the temperature is accurate then Austin 1000 offers great reliability. The Pit-Boss xl 1000 has excellent features V3 Digital controller board offers an excellent job in maintaining your temperature even in cold weather.

Grilling on Austin Xl 1000 Pit Boss

This Pit Boss Austin XL has a slide broil plate that allows you to cook on a direct or indirect flame for great tear and better flavor. This is one of its best features that are not available in every pellet smoker. But you can buy the facility separately.

When you get some extras, they are praised, it is worth noting that Austin xl is a Meat Probe that allows you to monitor the inside of the meat temperature. Internal meat temperature shows on the LED screen along with the temperature of the cooking chamber.

Cleaning of Austin XL 1000

Once you complete the grilling work, the Pit Boss xl 1000 Smoker has a pellet clean-out. It works well which easily leaves the hopper so that you can store your pellets properly as the moisture is absorbed.

To clean the firepot you have to empty it, first remove the mesh after cooling the mesh located in the center, then clean it and cover it back again. If you do not clean it, then there is a possibility of fire in the future.

Quick Specification of Pit Boss Xl 1000

Dimensions 62.4 x 25.8 x 28.23 inchesPorcelain-coated cooking grate
Excellent constructed materialAuto-start
Great cooking area 930 Square inchesPellet Fuel type
Hopper capacity great 31-poundHeat range: 150F – 500F
Weight 181 lbsCheck Price tag
Austin XL 1000 Pit Boss

FAQs About the Pit Boss Austin 1000 XL Pellet Grill

How big is the pit boss Austin XL?

Pit Boss Austin XL Size and Dimensions. The Austin XL62.4 width x 25.8 depth x 28.23 height inches means you can host a huge party in your backyard.

IS pit boss as good as Traeger?

Whether the Pit Boss or Traeger is the best high-quality, temperature control, decent warranty, and ability to grill the grill in the cooking area are both market leaders, but in terms of price value, the pit owner is great. But the only price basis we can say is that the pit boss is the winner.

Is Pit Boss owned by Traeger?

Pit boss and Traeger both are the best smoker and grill manufacturing sectors. It totally depends on your budget and feature requirements because pit boss has cheap offers but Traeger has excellent features and performance.

Is the pit boss Austin XL a good smoker?

Yes, There’s no doubt that pit boss Austin xl makes smoking meat affordable and the best value for money. It has a solid structure, a wide temperature range, and a great cooking area with lots of boxes.

Final Verdict

Austin xl 1000 pit boss really helps to make smoking affordable with a huge cooking area pit boss Austin xl 1000 pellet smoker is simply great value for money.

A solid structure with a wide range of temperature, an Innovative flame broiler for direct flame grilling, and great a 5-year limited warranty. Ideally, anyone can happy with these features, versatile, reliable, and easy to use.

The company claims its best features, but for me, it has to give correct information to my readers. Everything is right, but more than 25% of its buyers have given it a negative review, that is, it needs a lot of improvement.

Better to read here the comparison of Pit-Boss vs Traeger

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