6 Best Cold Smoke Generator – (Review & Guide)

What is the best cold smoke generator? It does a wonderful and effective job of adding a smoky flavor to food. This is an incredibly simple way to add classic flavor to your grilling food. But you should know that, unlike hot smoking, the cold smoke generator does not do the job of cooking your food.

The smoke generator brings out just the smoky flavor which you get from hot smoking. Below 85° Degree, the cold smoke generators offer smoke food such as sausages, cheese, and other food which melts at high temperatures.

If you want to improve the results of your cold smoke and get a reliable smoky taste then use the smoke generator that ensures you don’t let the process spoil your food.

Top 6 Best Cold Smoke Generator

We know you may be less of time for which we have tried to help you find the smoke generators for smokers. For this, the features of many cold smoke generators have been considered which are electric and non-electric, mesh grid cold smokers. That can more or less keep you busy in the smoking process and have an external smoke generator.

Finally, we selected the top 6 cold smoke generators that are designed to last for a long time smoking. For considering these smoke generators, we spend a lot of time researching and checking what says the verified user about this cold smoker box.

The list of the best cold smoke generators is in the table below. Read all the details and pros and cons. This way you will get the right information and it will be easier to choose the best smoke cold generator. Check what are a cold smoke generator and the quick summary and full details below.

Quick List

Top 6 Cold Smoker Generator Review

1. Editor’s Choice – Smoke Daddy Magnum P.I.G. Cold Smoke Generator

Best Cold Smoke Generator


  • You can smoke between 2-4 hours
  • Easy to use
  • Easily upgrade your smoke quality
  • Built with high-quality material


  • Expensive
  • Need some DIY work for fitting it

Our first choice is to smoke Daddy Cold Smoke Generator is a large electric smoker, especially for chefs. Those who want to smoke in larger containers as well as increase smoking time. It will smoke for 2 to 4 hours and is capable to hold 6 cups of wood chips and chunks.

This cold smoke generator is made of heavy-duty SCH-406061 precision machined aluminum for a tight seal and longer life it has also a stainless steel cleaning brush.

The smoke daddy magnum P.I.G. is uniquely designed to perform excellently in cold and hot temperatures so have to benefit to smoke anything from cheese to brisket.

Smoke Daddy’s cold smoke generator for Big Green Egg or any other ceramic grills. And if you have a big smoker or grill and want to smoke overnight or the big BBQ and smokehouses. the large fuel tank produces a great smoke volume.

There are a few things you should keep in mind before buying this best cold smoker. You need to a drill 1-1/8″ hole when mounting or implementing a tubing system to distribute the smoke. Almost everything else is easy whether it’s installation or cooking or using it.

Another advantage is that it fits on the outside of the grill. So that means it can never be hot. Now it’s easy to turn on the grill or smoker to low heat and turn on the cold smoke generator. You have to get the best cold smoke effects every time.

But there are some drawbacks that some users will not like but are very minor. The cold smoke generator does not work with a forced-air grill or pellet grill. Strong wind blows the smoke out while the pellet smoker does not allow sufficient airflow inside the fuel chamber.

2. Best External Smoke Generator – Smoke Daddy Big Kahuna Cold Smoke Generator

Best Cold Smoke Generator


  • Capable of working with all wood chips fuel
  • High quality and easy to use
  • Excellent for quick hot and cold smoke


  • Works only between 60-90 minutes
  • Need some DIY work for fitting it

The Big Kahuna from Smoke Daddy is our second choice and smoke generator along with the Magnum P.I.G. There is a shortened version of this. But the features and performance are almost the same. You should read the big kahuna cold smoke generator review.

This cold smoke generator has same the features, design, and functionality as our Editor’s Choice but can only use 3 cups of fuel, making this cold smoke generator slightly less expensive.

Like Big Daddy Magnum Pig, it also uses wood chips or pieces of any kind as fuel but it also has the same problem that it does not accept pellets and sawdust. But performs best with almost grills and it is also the best smoke generator for any Kamado-type grills.

In our review of the large Kahuna cold smoke generator, you’ll learn that the low fuel content makes the difference in its smoke time, which only smokes in the 60-minute to 90-minute range, which is all you’ll need from the finest and freshest wood chips. Everything you smoke, regardless of smoked foods like cheese.

In this, I don’t think you need to mention that this electric cold smoke will have the same mounting system as any other smoke daddy. It will need the same 1-1/8″ hole or tubing to feed the smoke into the smoker or the grill you are using.

Most users don’t see this as a problem. They installed the cold smoke generator and found works great with any non-forced-air grill.

If you want to spend time after loading the fuel to smoke Daddy Big kahuna’s cold smoke generator is not built for it. You must consider for this is Magnum P.I.G.

A small amount of fuel is excellent for smoking meat after cooking meat using this cold smoke generator, adding some extra smoky flavor. Read here the best gas grills under $1500.

3. Best Smoke Generator For Smokehouse – Smoke Chief Cold Smoke Generator

Best Cold Smoke Generator


  • Smoke for up to 3-hours
  • Power source 110-volt AC or 12-volt DC
  • Uses pellet as fuel
  • Easy to use


  • Small diameter pipe closed easily

This is the other best electric cold smoke generator on our list that is popular in the world of smoking. This cold smoke generator is designed for a great smoke effect and will generate smoke for up to 3 hours in just one cup of pellet fuel.

One of its biggest benefits is that it uses pellets as fuel, which is much easier to find than chips or crumbs, and pellets are a readily available fuel that grill smokers will love.

The Smoke Chief cold smoke generator is designed to be of small size that is easily mounted in a grill cabinet but will you have to drill a 3/8″ hole to place it. Most grill smokers want to avoid having a hole in their grill.

So what is the solution? You will have to use a narrower pipe diameter but are more likely to clog up quickly with ash. This is a big problem for you to avoid and you have to choose the best pellet which produces the least amount of ash.

This cold smoke generator is easy to work with any type of grill that you can use to smoke both hot and cold and this is the smoke generator.

This cold smoke generator made in the USA has a great feature that can be plugged into a normal wall outlet or 12-volt DC outlet. Our cars have this power socket which means you can enjoy them anywhere. It is excellent for camping or tailgating.

4. Best Smoke Generator – Masterbuilt Cold Smoke Generator


  • Set & forget feature smoke up to 6 hours
  • Automatically heats up wood chips with the push button
  • Removable ashtray for easy cleaning
  • Easy installation


  • Works only with Masterbuilt smoker
  • Need its own power socket

Cheese, fish, bacon, and beef jerky are great substitutes for smoking, and this Masterbuilt MB20100112 Slow Smoker has the top favorite cold smoker on the market. It will offer to get a great smokey taste from a special and delicate.

This is one of the top cold smoke generators, it is the most reliable and well-known and has more than 1800 verified reviews on Amazon. It has gone up to 275°F for hot smoke and 200°F for relatively cold smoke. Also, you can consider this the best external smoke generator.

A Masterbuilt cold smoke generator is easy to connect to a digital smoker. Most Masterbuilt digital smokers have a side wood chip holder where it needs to be connected if you don’t have a holder in a grill or smoker it can be mounted with a drill.

The attaching process is very simple and excellent. Once fitted, the smoke passes seamlessly from the kit into the large smoker box and the heat generated inside the cold smoke generator grill does not affect the internal temperature of the smoker much which is a great feature.

The Masterbuilt MB201012 Slow Smoker Kit is user-friendly and one of the best for beginners. Simply press the push button to start smoking. It will automatically regulate the temperature enough to burn the wood chips. And if you love to set and forget formulas, then this is a boon for you.

This cold smoker is essentially completely self-regulated to generate smoke for up to 6 hours when you refuel. An outstanding feature is that the ash of the chips collects in a tray at the bottom, which can be easily cleaned as the smoke kit cools.

This cold smoke generator is compatible with all types of wood chips, which means you have to control the flavor of your barbecue. Check here for the best electric grill under 300.

5. Best Mesh Cold Smoke Generator – Real cook Cold Smoke Generator for BBQ

Best Cold Smoke Generator


  • Much cheaper than all others
  • Smoking time for 6-10 hours


  • Need always very dry wood chips and dust

We have considered this cold smoke generator to be a non-electric cold smoke generator made from RealCook. It operates by forming a circular smoke maze and is easy to use. This cold smoke generator is made of steel which means it is safe, durable, and straightforward to set up and use.

This smoke accessory is perfect for cold and hot smoking. Here you don’t need to drill for installing it just put it in any gas grill, pellet grill, electric grill, and charcoal grill.

To start this cold smoker turn on the light at the beginning of the maze and slowly generate smoke. This is also the best option for Weber cold smoke generator. And the best part of this cold smoke is it will work up to 6-10 hours.

This is the best and easiest way to generate smoke. This is not necessarily enough airflow because there is no built-in fan for an electric cold smoke generator.

This is the best and easiest way to generate smoke. This is not necessarily enough airflow because there is no built-in fan for an electric cold smoke generator. You must make sure that there is a proper distance between the best cold smoke generator and your food as the flame itself generates heat and will raise the temperature in your grill.

This smoke generator will not work well for people who live in wet climates because it relies on a self-sustaining flame that requires the chips to be bone dry.

If you have any experience in making blacksmiths then you can make this kind of cold smoke generator at home too. And use the pulp as a higher material to make the best homemade smoke generator.

6. Best Pellet Smoker Tube – A-MAZE-N Pellet Tube Smoker

Best Cold Smoke Generator


  • Durable material
  • Inexpensive
  • Pellet fuel


  • The oval shape will not be fixed in one place

This is another non-electric best cold smoke generator from A-Maze-N on our list. Constructed of heavy-duty stainless steel in an oval shape, it gives you a strong and durable feel. You can read here the best smoker tube for a pellet grill.

This pellet smoker tube is best for hot and cold smoke and will be suitable for all types of grills and smokers. To start this stainless steel cold smoke tube fill with pellet and drop some light fuel and burn with a lighter. Now time to place it inside the cooking chamber.

It has holes in the right proportion which give a lot of smoke to the food, you should choose this best cold smoke generator for a great smoke taste and it doesn’t spoil the food, it requires very little airflow.

This is another easiest way to generate smoke with pellets, keep this in mind before you set the proper distance between the food and the smoking tube.

It can also be a homemade smoke generator if you have a little bit of blacksmithing skill. Which can increase or decrease the size according to you and the best smoke tube provides smoke to the grill for about 4 hours with a single filling.

What to Consider Before Buying a Cold Smoke Generator?

Now you must have come to know about these top 6 best cold smoke generators, so the question is, which one will you choose from these cold smoke generators? We’ve covered all the features you needed to know in this buying guide. But it is important to take care of some features before purchase.

Smoke Generator Type

As mentioned above, there are two types of cold smoke generators, electric and non-electric. To use a non-electric smoker, use a match or lighter to lighten it. Produces excellent smoke and is made to smoke for up to 6 hours and is extremely easy to use. cheaper and more smoking nuisance.

The electric cold smoke generator has a lot of designs and versions. These smokers use cold smoker heating electric heating elements that allow more smoke to be added to the heating chamber. One advantage of this is that they produce automatic smoke but smoke less than the non-electric ones. It is usually fitted outside the unit where the same non-electric cold smoke cooking chamber is housed inside.

Smoking Time

Long-term smoker nonelectric smoker, which smoker will smoke for how long depends on its size and design. If you want to smoke longer, choose a manual smoker. In contrast, electric cold smoke generators are designed to last only a few hours. If you have to smoke longer than this, you will need to refill. Chosen Electric is the best cold smoke generator

Fuel Type

All electric and manual cold smoke generators generally use wood chips. Those you have to load manually and some electric and non-electric cold smoker uses pellets as a fuel, which is increasing in popularity.

Smoke Generator Dimension

The size of a great cold smoke generator is important. Electric cooled smoke is suitable outside and requires care. The smaller the smoker, the better. But if you want to drink more food then the small size does not work.

And when it comes to manual cold smoke, you know it’s placed in the cooking chamber inside the smoker, though they’re usually standard sized and can be easily fitted with any grill or smoker. can work together.

What is the Difference Between Cold and Hot Smoking?

The biggest difference between hot and cold smoking is that hot smoking provides both flavor and smoke to the food while cooking. This process is good with raw meat. It preserves the meat, but if you make foods such as sausages and cheeses go through the hot smoking process, the heat will burn or melt.

Cold smoking requires you to smoke at a temperature below 85°F so that the food does not spoil. As mentioned earlier, with most food being cold smoke, such as fish or cured sausage, it is important to get the temperature right. So I hope you understand What is the cold smoke generator?


What is the best smoke generator?

Here are the top 6 best cold smoke generators in the market.

1. Smoke Daddy Magnum PIG
2. Smoke Daddy Big Kahuna
3. Smoke Chief Cold Smoke Generator
4. Masterbuilt MB20100112 Slow Smoker Kit
5. Realcook Cold Smoke Generator for BBQ
6. A-MAZE-N Pellet Tube Smoker

Can you cold smoke at home?

If you want to cold smoke at home it is possible but here is something to keep in your mind before smoking. If you are living in a building apartment or restricted area where you can’t smoke grill.

Make sure you are in right place to enjoy the cold or hot smoking. otherwise, you will be fined a huge amount.

If you are in a safe place to cold smoke attached a cold smoke generator with units to starts cold smoking under 85° F degree.

How do you make cold smoke?

For cold smoking, you must first choose your scented wood, which can be pellets, wood chips, or pieces, or wood dust, depending on the cold smoke generator fuel requirements.

Different types of wood are known for their great taste but the most preferred for cold smoke is apple wood which is quite popular.

Final Verdict

Well, the list we’ve picked has a few features, and when it comes to the electric version of our picks, the Smoke Daddy Magnum P.I.G. And Smoke Daddy Big Kahuna are great choices.

Manual cold smoker RealCook cold smoke Generator and Maze-n Pellet tube smoker both are excellent. All of these make for an ideal cold smoke test and are an economical and great alternative to non-electric smoke.

Both Electric Smoke Daddy Magnum P.I.G. And the Big Kahuna have a similar design that’s perfect for both cold and hot smoking.

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