8 Best Lighter Fluid Substitute For Charcoal

We know that often lighter fluid is not available for burning charcoal in our homes or if you want to avoid using the flammable liquid, then in such a situation, you need the best lighter fluid substitute.

However, if there is a liquid to light, fluid may be an easy, quick and convenient way to start a fire, but we understand that you may not have this available, so you may need a lighter fluid alternative.

Best Lighter Fluid Substitute

We are going to start with some home lighter fluid alternatives that gives you the best results and best option for how to light charcoal without lighter fluid.


This is a great classic way, what do you say? From newspapers to coal to grandpa’s fire may be a thing of the past, but a lot of time has passed. While the newspaper is a good alternative to lighter liquid, it may be a good idea to use it.

Egg Carton

The second-best option available in your home is to set your charcoal on fire. Fill the charcoal box with charcoal and light the cardboard carton of eggs folded but you have to make sure that there is no obstruction to the airflow.


If someone in your house consumes alcohol so lighter fluid substitutes for rubbing alcohol, that you can use to light charcoal. Alcohol contains 95 to 100% ethanol so it is a great alternative to starting a fire but it requires caution.

Doritos Hot Chips

If you are fond of chips, then by definition you will have hot chips like Doritos chips which are capable of making fire. The cornstarch and vegetable oil used to make Doritos chips would be flammable. But these ignite at high temperatures.

Charcoal Chimney Starter

Best Lighter Fluid Substitute

The most accurate and easiest way to light charcoal is with a chimney starter. It is in the shape of a cylinder, inside which is a steel mesh in which enough briquettes are placed. The Weber 7447 Compact Rapidfire Chimney Starter is one of the best ones which has been selected the most.

Electric Starter

Best Lighter Fluid Substitute

Electric lighters are a great way to light charcoal it is the best substitute for zippo lighter fluid, some of which can be used to light a wood stove or barbecue. Its long neck is a must for protection. As per our experience, the WishDirect Electric Charcoal Starter is the best.

Some Other Charcoal Lighter Fluid Substitutes

There are other people in your home who can start a charcoal fire, but it may take some time and effort. If all the above options are away from you then you can use them. Read the best Charcoal tray for gas grills.

Sugar: Sugar is rich in carbohydrates, its molecules ignite on heating, but this requires waiting for the right conditions.

Vegetable Oil – You must have oil in your house. Did you know you can use vegetable oil as the lighter fluid that can also be light charcoal? Animal fats and chemical oils can ignite charcoal but will take effort and time.

Final Verdict

We’ve brought you the most effective lighter fluid substitute for charcoal. Some of these are easily available in your home and some you have to buy from the market. However, the main point of lighting the charcoal is the air which gives you great embers.


What can be used instead of lighter fluid?

In place of lighter fluid, you can use newspaper, egg cartons, alcohol, Doritos hot chips, chimney starter, and electric starters.

How do you start a fire without lighter fluid?

News Paper, egg cartons, alcohol, Doritos hot chips, chimney starter, and electric starters are all good options for starting a fire without liquid.

Can alcohol be used as lighter fluid?

Yes absolutely, because alcohol contains 95 to 100% ethanol which is capable of igniting charcoal but it requires caution.

Can you use gasoline as lighter fluid?

Yes, you can but for this, you will need a grill torch charcoal starter which works well with a 1-pound cylinder of propane gas.

How to Use Starter Chimney?

It is very easy to ignite charcoal from a starter chimney. Place the newspaper or egg carton in the middle of the starter chimney and fill the charcoal neatly around it. Now you can set fire to the newspaper, coal will catch fire in no time, and you can use more paper if needed.

How to Use Electric Starter?

To ignite charcoal with an electric starter, place it on the grill grates, and lay the charcoal around it. Now give it time to heat up and now as soon as your charcoal starts on fire, unplug the starter and disconnect it from there.

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