Top 10 Best Meats to Smoke – How to Smoke Meat?

Grilling on the barbecue in your backyard is a great way to enjoy your favorite flavor of the meat, but which are the best meats to smoke for backyard occasions? Here you can find the top 10 meats to smoke.

Most people are looking for more flavorful and tender meat, but you should focus more on smoking the meat instead. The right way to smoke meat is to let it cook slowly over low heat, the way to smoke is to cook it at a very low temperature.

Which meat is worth smoking? There are some meats that take a long time to cook but will surely give you the incredible taste you wish for.

Top 10 Best Meats To Smoke

Here we have our best meat for smoking which is great in taste and flavor.

  1. Beef Brisket
  2. Pulled beef Oyster blade
  3. Pork butt & shoulder
  4. Beef ribs
  5. Lamp shoulder
  6. Turkey breast
  7. Chuck roast
  8. Chicken Quater
  9. Prime Ribs
  10. Smoke Ham

How to Smoke Meat

Here are our tips and guide on how to smoke meat in a smoker;

1. Smoke Beef Brisket

Undoubtedly, brisket is one of the best meat to smoke and is a wonderfully flavored cut of meat. A fully cooked brisket will almost melt when you’re done eating it.

Brisket is the hardest meat to smoke. It can take up to overnight to fully cook, which usually depends on the density and size of the brisket. To make sure your meat is fully cooked, you’ll need to wait for its internal temperature to reach 195°F.

Choose the best wood to smoke or your favorite wood flavor as wood smoke absorbs the meat so you have to be careful here. You should experiment with different types of wood.

Hickory, oak, and mesquite on the best woods for brisket smoking. Read the full article about the best smoking wood for brisket.

Just want to give you a tip when you start smoking the brisket, don’t touch it as much as possible so that the smoke layer comes on your meat and you get to see the real magic of it. Brisket is one of the best meat to smoke on Traeger.

2. Smoke Pulled Beef Oyster Blade

Smoking beef oysters is an excellent idea that provides plenty of protein. Smoke it and set it aside when you want to enjoy the protein or its taste, then fry it, and eat it in sandwiches, pies, or similar morning snacks that will give you a rich taste.

The best part of smoking a beef oyster blade is that it operates based on a set-and-forget temperature system. Your family and friends will surely love its great taste if you follow it properly.

Be sure to season the beef oyster blades for 24 hours before smoking, which we recommend. The smoker must be preheated to 280°F before placing a beef oyster blade.

It’s been three hours now put your meat in the smoker now it’s time to test it. Your meat probe will need to be checked every hour until its internal temperature shows 195°F.

Now it’s time to remove your meat from the smoker and then let it rest for 30 minutes and serve it.

3. Smoke Pork Butt & Shoulder

Best Meats To Smoke

The name pork butt is derogatory because it is not a cut in the animal’s back, it is actually derived from the upper region of the animal’s shoulder. And the shoulder cut is the lower part of the shoulder, which leads to the lower part of the elbow.

Both cuts are great choices for eating a large group because they are often quite large and heavy, although the tough meat of the pork butt and its shoulder can take more than 10 hours to cook.

How to check your pork butt and shoulders are ready to eat, you give them a slight twist on the bone, it comes off easily so the meat is ready to eat and serve to your family and guests.

If your meat doesn’t have bones, you’ll need to set its internal temperature to 200 degrees because that’s where your food is ready. Another thing the best woods for smoking pork butt and shoulders are hickory and pecans. Pork butt and shoulders are the best meat to smoke.

4. Smoke Beef Ribs

Beef rib smoking is the best option when you want to enjoy cooking to the fullest. Some other cuts you can consider for smoking are baby back ribs and extra ribs.

As the name suggests, baby back ribs are two shortcuts, both protruding from the animal’s back. As far as the extra rib is concerned, it is larger in size and is found near the belly of the animal.

Despite both being from different regions, the smoking process of both is almost the same but spare ribs take longer to cook because it is a much tougher cut of meat.

When you plan to smoke and cook a rack of ribs, it will take 4 to 6 hours to cook, but this time can be reduced. You need to cut the baby rib rack into 3 or 4 pieces. Similarly, cutting spare ribs can shorten the smoking time, giving you more precision in temperature control because the bones make it a little more difficult to control the temperature.

All you have to do is stick a toothpick on the meat and see if it’s working smoothly then you’re on the right track. Smoked ribs are good with maple, cherry, and apple wood but you should add your favorite flavor.

5 Smoke Lamp Shoulder

The Lamb’s shoulder is one of the best meat cuts to smoke that people love. Smoking lamb is the same as smoking pork butt and shoulders. This is a scrumptious smoked meat cut that is sure to be the most loved of the crowd.

Preheat your best smoker to 300°F and sear the lamb. You have to wait for its internal temperature to reach 190°F. As soon as the internal temperature reaches 190°F, take it out of the smoker and wrap it with aluminum foil and let it rest for at least an hour.

Give this smoked lamb shoulder an opportunity to serve up your hungry guests. To make it more delicious, garnish it well with some fresh salads and spices.

You must be looking for a great smoker to make this recipe, our best smoker article can help you with that.

6. Smoke Turkey Breast

If you want to smoke turkey and want it to take less time, smoking only turkey breast would be a great option. But rub it with a little butter and spice before putting it in the smoker so that your family or guests taste good.

It’s a good idea to smoke a turkey with the skin on, but it’s unlikely to be crunchy.

It will take about two hours for the turkey breast to fully cook and you should allow its internal temperature to reach 160 degrees, now take out your turkey. The best wood smoke for smoking a turkey is alder and apple, which will add a lighter color to it.

7. Smoke Chuck Roast

Do you like brisket? But if you don’t want to wait until it’s smoking time, then chuck roast cut is the right choice for you. Chuck roast is the best meat to smoke in 4 hours.

Chuck meat cuts have a lot of marbling fat that provides great flavor for smoking. As the connective tissue and fat dissolve, they give it a tender, juicy, and incredible flavor.

It will take about 4 to 6 hours for the chuck roast to be roasted, after which you will need to check its internal temperature which is 195 degrees when fully cooked. Consider using hickory or pecan wood to give a chuck roast a great smokey flavor.

8. Smoke Chicken Quater

Chicken has always been the favorite meat of the crowd, so keep this wonderful feast with you. We recommend you smoke the chicken instead of roasting it. If you like, cut it into quarters first.

If you follow our method, it will take about 90 minutes to smoke the chicken. It is the white meat that will be smoked in less time if we compare it with the darker meat.

Maple and apple hardwoods are great for smoking chicken. When the chicken is ready to be served, the internal temperature should be 180°F.

If you like crunchy and crunchy chicken, then smoking is not the right choice at all. Smoking usually makes the top layer of chicken tough and its internal meat will be juicy, but may not be served as crispy at all to hungry guests.

The process of smoking gives its outer edges a pink color which is a natural part of smoking, but from this, you would never guess that it is undercooked. If you don’t want its color then you can pour sauce over it.

9. Smoke Prime Ribs

Prime rib is a premium cut of cows, it comes from the rib primal between the chuck and the loin. It contains heavy and large marbled fat and is one of the most desired cuts of whole sides of beef.

This is another best meat to smoke, it is adept at absorbing the smoke inside you. Slow-cooked prime ribs will leave you with a Maillard crust and fat oozing out and great flavor.

Use wood like oak, hickory, pecan, or mesquite for this and place it inside the smoker at 225 degrees and wait until its internal temperature reaches 130 F internal temperature.

10 Smoke Ham

Classic hum smoke is a big deal. Be sure to glaze the ham before glazing and then send it to the smoker for about seven hours.

Preheat it to 225 F and wait until your meat is ready before placing it in the smoker. Allow its internal temperature to reach 145 F and it’s time to take it out.

Use hickory, cherry, apple, or pecan hardwood for a nice sweet flavor.


What is the best meat to smoke for the first time?

This question is not that easy but if you are a newbie and for the first time going to smoke meat in some way then it is likely to be bad if you don’t have the right knowledge or tools.

By the way, you should use the shortest time it takes to smoke for the first time. such as turkey breast, chicken, lamb ribs, etc.

What is the hardest meat to smoke?

Brisket takes the longest to smoke because it is the heartiest meat. Most pitmasters agree that it takes 10 to 14 hours to cook. It originates from the bottom of the cow’s throat and the middle of the chest on which the animal sits.

What is the cheapest meat to smoke?

Chicken is the cheapest meat you can smoke.

What is the best meat to smoke in an electric smoker?

You can smoke all types of meat in an electric smoker, but you need proper temperature controls and instructions.

Where to buy the best meat?

We recommend you two platforms from where you can buy the best and freshest meat.

Final Thought

I hope we have given you the best meats to smoke that will satisfy you and how to smoke them has also been discussed. But you need the best smoker for this smoking process, for which we would ask you to read our best smoker review article and also read our 11 best smoking cookbooks and 10 most expensive meat cuts in the world.

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