👉How Easily Fix Camp Chef Flame Error

Getting the Camp Chef Flame error by one of the top grill manufacturers who has been making outdoor grill units over the past three decades. It was a bad experience.

So do you think you made the wrong investment in Camp Chef Grills? no dude!

We’ve been reviewing BBQ grills, BBQ smokers, and BBQ cooking accessories for many years. We have seen these types of common problems among top brands which can be easily solved by yourself.

Now technology is making life easier, in the same episode grills and smokers are also being filled with modern technology which creates problems sometimes but not permanently.

When top-quality brands like Traeger Grills, Pit Boss, and Weber Grills face such issues, Camp Chef Grills cannot be untouched.

Camp Chef is equipped with the latest technology that allows you to adjust grill settings without having to be near the unit via remote control, just use WiFi connectivity.

The pellets are fed through the flame into the fire until the desired smoking temperature is achieved. The temperature controller works to support the required cooking heat.

But sometimes we are in a difficult situation when Camp Chef Flame error codes are shown. If you are interested in Camp Chef flat top vs Blackstone can read it.

We wrote a detailed guide article about your Camp Chef not lighting on how you can get solve this error.

Camp Chef FLAME Error Code & Solution

Fix Camp Chef Flame Error

We know you’re very fond of your Champ Chef Pellet Grill but suddenly you see something on your grill display that you don’t know what it means. Let us know what does Camp Chef flame error mean. Then proceed in detail to its solution.

What is a Flame error on Camp Chef?

In between cooking, you will find the FLAME error on Camp Chef’s digital displays. Did you know what it means?

Camp Chef displays “Flame” errors on the digital display, meaning the fire is extinguished.

This is what happens when a fire in the Camp Chef Grill goes out or goes below a certain temperature and doesn’t go back. Often we have seen this happen more in the winter months.

So that means your Camp Chef grill needs extra care in winter session grilling. Using a thermal blanket can reduce the flame error problem.

What Causes Camp Chef Grill Show “FLAME” Error?

There is no doubt that Camp Chef is one of the leading manufacturers of Outdoor Cooking Units. But to know the cause of the flame error which occurs in the number of tones.

  • During the winter season, the temperature drops below a certain temperature.
  • Due to open chimney lids during winter grilling or smoking season.
  • In case of a flame error, you will also need to check the RTD probe for carbon deposits and have it cleaned.
  • One of the most common causes of flame error is lack of power.
  • Another reason for a flame error can be excess ash accumulation in the firepot. You must check the fire pot and make sure there is excess ash deposited in it.
  • The Wood pellets are the main fuel source of the Camp Chef. A flame error occurs when the pellets come out of the grill.
  • When you use moist and wet wood pellets.
  • In some cases, if the fan is working but the auger is not spinning, you will need to replace the auger pin.

An easy way to monitor power loss is with a wireless or Bluetooth thermometer that measures the temperature of your grill. Learn more about the Camp Chef problems!

How to Solve FLAME Error on Camp Chef?

We know that there are many reasons for the flame error in your camp chef, but you can easily solve it with different types by following the given steps.

let’s see how it will be done…

Remove Ash Accumulated in Firepot

All reviewers and guide writers recommend that you should clean fire pots and hoppers after each cooking season, but often people don’t. See which Camp Chef manual instruction is about cleaning ashes.

If you do not clean the ash, it can cause many problems such as temperature fluctuations, flame extinguishing, and burning back in the hopper.

Therefore it is very important to clear the ashes from the firepot. If not it indicates a flame error.

We found the ashes to be very easy to clean because the Camp Chef includes ubiquitous ash cleaning features. Reading about Camp Chef WoodWind is really great.

Use the ash cleanout lever and remove the ash pot from the grill. Dump the accumulated ash into the dustbin and set the ash cup back on the grill.

Clean RTD Probe

If the Camp Chef Pellet Grill is displaying a flame error, you should start by checking the temperature probe. A few fine residues don’t matter.

But if the amount of carbon buildup is high on the RTD probe it contributes to increasing the temperature vagaries. If the temperature probe is not cleaned properly, it will continue to feed pellets to reach the specified temperature.

Therefore it is very important to keep the RTD probe clean to avoid problems like temperature fluctuations. Make sure it is not bent and touches the edge of the grill. Use Vinegar for Best Cleaning.

Use Well Dried Wood Pellets

Do you know that using a dump pellet is the biggest factor for flame error, YES you read it right. It’s because you didn’t store leftover wood pellets properly.

You have seen in childhood that Grandpa must have tried to burn wet wood at some point, as a result, they do not burn, only produce white smoke, just like moist and wet wood pellets are not going to burn at all.

  • Always use dry and fresh best wood pellets.
  • Before adding to the hopper, mash with two fingers to avoid use if it breaks.

Make sure that the wood pellets are always dry and do not contain moisture. Moisture will come in if it is kept in the wrong place. Outdoor weather conditions trap moisture in them and eventually cause them to rot.

Leftover wood pellets should be removed from the hopper and stored in a dry place in a metal bucket or waterproof plastic bag. It keeps your pellets safe and secure and doesn’t let moisture in.

Check Controller

Another reason why a flame error appears on a Camp Chef pellet smoker is digital controller failure. In our search, we spoke to several owners who were struggling with this problem (Controller failure).

You can also check that your Camp Chef temperature controller is working properly, if not, it just needs to be replaced.

The Camp Chef DLX Controller is a simple timer controller that you can test out fairly easily. All you have to do is measure the duty cycle.

  • Measuring the operation time of the grill above the setpoint.
  • Then when it gets below the setpoint. You have to dig up the numbers and verify them.
  • To verify, whether the displayed grill temperature matches another thermometer.
  • If not matched, change the controller.

Sufficient Pellets With Hopper

If your Camp Chef grill’s hopper doesn’t have a fire-causing bullet, the chances of a flame error popping up increase. If no pellets in the hopper, the fire will be extinguished automatically after a few minutes.

Therefore, you need to check if there are still enough pellets left in the hopper of the Camp Chef Grill. In this case, all you have to do is easily fix it by depositing the pellet just above the auger.

Restoration in Case of Power Loss

A common cause of a flame error on your Camp Chef pellet grill is a lack of power.

If you experience a flame error on your camp chef due to a power loss, you can easily fix it by restoring power to your grill. so that you can continue cooking the leftovers.

Lack of power is causing flame errors in Camp Chef. It can be easily rectified by restoring power. Often we found this situation arises when low voltage power, may it will from a generator or electricity is low.

Check Leak Between Fire Pot & Induction Fan

If a leak occurs between the induction fan and the firepot on your Camp Chef grill, the grill is likely to catch fire as well as a steady drop in temperature.

Therefore, when the complaint of temperature comes, you cannot ignore this problem. Make sure if there is any crack it needs to be fixed immediately

Replace Augur Pin

Another reason why the Camp Chef pellet shows you the flame error is when the grill is set to feed mode but the auger spins and the auger motor does not spin so you need to replace the auger pin.

Watch the video on how to fix flame errors on Camp Chef Pellet grills.

FAQ – Flame Error in Camp Chef

Why is my smoker on fire?

Two common mistakes by Camp Chef operators make are causing grill fires.

1. Stacking wood pellets in the firepot.
2. There is a lot of grease in the drip tray.

How long does it take for Camp Chef Grill to start?

Camp Chef Grill’s startup process takes 5 to 10 minutes to ignite the pellets. From there it will take 10-20 minutes to reach the desired temperature.

Higher-temperature settings may take longer. Please note that the cold weather outside also affects reaching the target temperature.

Camp Chef ashes cleaning is stuck, what do I do?

Cast steel uses a protectant, and when it heats up, it goes all the way to the bottom of the grill by holding the two sticks together.

Try hitting the bottom of the grill with a rubber mallet, up or down on the inside of the grill. This should free the two pieces.

How do you reset a camp chef pellet grill?

Follow for Camp Chef Pellet Grill reset:

1. Turn off the controller
2. Log out of the app and then delete
3. In your phone’s Bluetooth settings, find an item named “CampChef:xx:xx” and forget or unpair it.
4. Turn on the Controller
5. Download the app again, and in the meantime wait a full two minutes before leaving
6. Go into the app and then search for Grill; Select it from the search results. The app should prompt you for a PIN that is displayed on the grill.
7. The app will now show you a list of available WiFi networks. If not on your list, make sure it supports 2.4GHz devices. Note that you can also enter manually if the network name is not in the list. To do this, press ‘Add network’, then a popup will pop up saying “ENTER NETWORK SSID”. Type in the name of the WiFi network and enter the password and then press the ‘Connect’ button.
8. Select or enter your desired WiFi network, then enter the password.

Final Verdict

Now you know what causes the Camp Chef flame error which has brought you how to fix it.

If you find all the given solutions difficult or you have never done anything like this before then you should call an expert. We assume that your Camp Chef is still under warranty period so you don’t need to incur any expenditure just file your complaint on customer care.

Make sure the warranty does not cover damage caused by normal wear or abuse, overheating, and replacement of parts.

Our team hopes we have given you the best guidance but if you think your problem is not solved then you can leave a question in the comment box.

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