How To Fix Hole in Bottom of Charcoal Grill

Today is the age of the digital smoker grill, but if you want to get the classy taste of smoking meat today, you’ll have to go back to the charcoal grill. What if you have a hole in your grill? Here is the question how to fix hole in bottom of charcoal grill?

Every cooking master knows what is the most important aspect of grilling which is very important for them in grilling and smoking jobs. He always takes special care of his grill. This simply means cleaning the charcoal grill unit regularly and repairing any broken parts.

It happens to almost everyone sooner or later. But some people need a quick repair on their charcoal grills. If you have a complaint about the bottom hole on your charcoal grill, this article is based on how to fix it.

But you are under no obligation to follow my method, yet I assure you it happened to me, so no one can tell better than me.

In this article, I’ll walk you through how to fix a hole in the bottom of your charcoal grill so you can get back to grilling season as soon as possible.

Guide How To Fix Hole in Bottom of Charcoal Grill

Often people get upset after there is a hole in the bottom of the charcoal grill, but there are many easy ways to fix it, in which we are going to put the best way in front of you. Follow our step-by-step guide!

Things You’ll Need

  • Gloves For Hand Protection
  • Wire Brush For Cleaning
  • Screw Driver
  • Stone Glue
  • Red Brick
  • Repair Patch Kit
  • Metal sheet in case of big holes
  • Some screws and thread lock

5 Simple Steps To Fix Hole in Bottom of Charcoal Grill

Before starting make sure about your hand safety.

Step 1: Open Up Your Charcoal Grill

Remove the cooking grate, charcoal box, and other essential parts attached to the bottom which may hinder the work. But you have to pay attention to how they were fitted.

Step 2: Clean the Area around the Hole

The second step but most important step is to clean the grill. This helps you assess the damage so that you can get an idea of what materials you will need to repair the hole.

If your grill is particularly dirty, use a wire brush to remove all the debris you can find. Make sure the grill is well cleaned otherwise things will not work properly.

Step 3: Identify the Hole

It is extremely important to identify the size of the hole to be repaired. Because if there is a small hole then it can be easily repaired but if the hole is big then the method of repair will be completely different.

If the bottom of your charcoal grill is rusted then chances are high that there is more than one hole. If they are not found and rectified now, they can get bigger. Now with the help of a screwdriver remove the rust from around all those holes. This is an important step in how to fix a hole in the bottom of a charcoal grill.

Step 4: Prepare the Mixture

You are thinking what is the use of a brick? Bricks are heat-absorbing and leak-proof materials. If you know the right method. Are you shocked, but fortunately it is true.

Make sure the hole is completely clean and dry. Now mix the stone glue and brick powder well and immediately apply them to the hole with the help of a putty knife. Make it in very small quantities otherwise, the mixture may spoil. Let it dry for some time.

Step 5: Apply the Patch

Check if the stone glue and brick powder have dried, it’s time to apply the KwikWeld patch! You are advised to use a putty knife to keep your hands safe. Make sure the patch is bigger than the hole to avoid any leakage in the future.

Make sure the patch is fully adhered and now is the time to give it time to dry thoroughly, usually it takes about 24 hours.

Step 6: All Fit As Before

Make sure the repairs you made are correct before assembling the parts. Fire up your charcoal grill, ready to cook up some sizzling flames.

What if Holes are Big

If the bottom of your charcoal grill is square-shaped, it is easy to fix, but if the bottom is round or oval, call for repair by a professional.

  • Remove all substandard material by cutting or breaking it.
  • Measure the hole size.
  • Now cut the steel sheet bigger than the hole size.
  • Then place the steel sheet over the hole and tighten it with screws from all sides. Note that the screw will be sharp, so cut and fix that as well.
  • Then don’t forget to apply a thread lock on the screw, this will strengthen the grip.
  • Now seal the four corners of the sheet with the KwikWeld patch kit so that heat and smoke do not escape.
  • Give time to dry and use as before.

How do you prevent a hole from the charcoal grill?

The best way to prevent holes from forming in a charcoal grill is to clean and maintain your grill regularly.

If your charcoal grill is rusting, it needs to be fixed right away. You can also apply a layer of high-temperature aluminum sheet to the bottom of the grill to help prevent rust.

Still, the most you can focus on to extend the life of your charcoal grill is cleaning it from time to time and making sure it’s always ready for action!

Final Verdict

With the methods that we have placed before you, I assure you that everything will be fine as before. In addition, there are other methods such as the use of high-temperature silicone caulk and aluminum patches.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your grill can also prevent holes from forming. For larger holes, you’ll need to patch them with a piece of sheet metal. If all these tasks are difficult for you, then the easiest thing is to call the nearest welder, and everything will be fine.

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