How To Fix Hole in Bottom of Gas Grill

You have arrived here, of course, it means that the bottom of your gas grill has a hole in it. You don’t need to worry because you landed in the right place, I’ll explain to you how to fix hole in bottom of gas grill.

I am pretty sure that I can guide you in the best way as I have come across this problem myself. There really is nothing like the taste of grilled food for me.

Nothing beats the flavor of a succulent brisket, although it can’t be cooked on a gas grill. If your gas grill has a hole in the bottom, this will be difficult. But don’t worry; This guide will walk you through the exact steps for fixing a hole in the bottom of a gas grill.

Why Gas Grill Bottom Getting Holes

What did you do to get a hole in the bottom of your gas grill? The biggest reason for this is not cleaning properly and secondly, the material used to make it was of very poor quality so the gas grill got a hole in the bottom. Those whose gas grill is made of stainless steel should not assume that this will not happen to their grill. If you do not clean it properly then there is every possibility of this happening.

How To Fix Hole in Bottom of Gas Grill

Now coming to the real topic for which you have come here. There are several ways to close the holes of a gas grill, but I’ll outline the best way so that there are no problems in the future. You must have some things. Let’s start with small holes but these are a big problem in maintaining the temperature.

Things You’ll Need

8 Steps to Fix a Hole in the Bottom of Gas Grill

How To Fix Hole in Bottom of Gas Grill

Step 1: Open Up Your Gas Grill

Whenever you think about repairing a damaged sheet, the first thing you should consider is your safety as there can be sharp edges and rusting metal can cause serious injury. So, open it carefully! Make sure you disconnect and remove the gas tank.

Now go ahead and before opening the bottom remove any pieces of metal or plastic that might bother you while you work.

Step 2; Take Out the Necessary Parts

First, make sure you remove the cooking grates, burner tubes, and heat deflectors, and if there are rock grates please remove them as well. The cooking grate is the part on which the food is placed, it is just above the gas tube. Basically, these can be held in place with screws or pressure.

Step 3; Clean the Area around the Hole

Step 3 is the most important step in fixing the bottom vents of a gas grill. The first thing you need to do is remove all food particles, grease, debris, and rust from the grill.

Use a wire brush for the best cleaning effort. If the area around the holes is not cleaned properly, the patch will flake off after some time.

Step 4: Identify the Hole

There is a lot to repair and must identify the size of the hole. Because if there is a small hole then it can be easily repaired but if the hole is big then the repair has to be done in a different way.

If the bottom of your gas grill is rusted then chances are high that the holes may not be one or two but more. If they are not fixed now, they can get bigger. Now with the help of a screwdriver start digging all those holes. This is an important step in how to fix a hole in the bottom of a gas grill.

Step 5: Brick Grinding

You must be wondering what is the function of brick here. Bricks are the most heat-absorbing and leak-proof material in the world. Are you shocked, but fortunately it is true. Only you should know what is the right thing to do.

Go ahead and grind your brick into a very fine powder. Some people may be advising you to use cement but do you know that heat causes the cement to crack and again it will leak into your grill?

Step 6: Prepare the Mixture

Make sure the area with the hole in the bottom of the gas grill is completely clean and dry. Now mix the stone glue and brick powder well and immediately fill the hole with it. Make it in very small quantities otherwise, the mixture may spoil. Let it dry for some time.

Step 7: Apply the Patch

When the stone glue and brick powder mixture is dry, it’s time to apply the KwikWeld patch! You are advised to use a putty knife to keep your hands safe. If you want, you can use any equipment kept at home. Make sure the patch is larger than the hole to rule out any leaks.

It sounds like the most fun thing to do after smoothing out that pesky patch! It needs to be smoothed out with your fingers or a scraper. The hands usually apply more pressure, which results in a better job.

Step 8: Fix as Before

Once the patch is fully adhered to and thoroughly dried, which usually takes about 24 hours. Now go ahead and put everything back together as before! Make sure no new holes have formed before closing. These steps will help fix a hole in the bottom of a gas grill.

What to do if the hole in the bottom of the gas grill is larger than 1 inch?

Even small holes can be easily filled if you are not a professional but if you have a big hole in the bottom of your gas grill then I would recommend you to replace the entire bottom sheet, for that you should take the help of a professional. But estimate the cost of repair if the budget is high then in my recommendation you should consider buying a new gas grill.

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If you don’t have the slightest idea how a gas grill works, I suggest you call a professional to fix the problem.

Final Verdict

Now that you know how to fix hole in bottom of gas grill, you can get back to grilling chicken, burgers, grilled turkey, and Vegas! Be sure to keep an eye on your grill, and replace the bottom sheet immediately if you still have problems with the bottom, such as leaking.

I would urge you to follow our provided dish instructions and close the bottom hole of the gas grill, I assure you it will never leak from there again.

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