Is Char Griller Gravity 980 Good? Is It Really Worth It or Just Hype?

The first thing that comes to mind on seeing this “is char griller gravity 980 good”. To find out the answer, we will do Char Griller Gravity 980 reviews.

Yes, Char Griller Gravity 980 is not only great for those looking for a classic charcoal flavor in their food, but also best of all for the pitmaster. It is designed exactly like pellet smoker with digital controlling system which can be controlled through phone.

The Char-Griller Launch Gravity Fed 980 Charcoal Grill consists of a hopper that is filled with charcoal briquettes or lump charcoal; Then a fire is lit in the bottom of the hopper.

It is completely digitally controlled allowing you to have precise control over the temperature which can be controlled from your mobile

The firebox is on the side and a fan sends heat and smoke through vents for cooking and smoking. Gravity charcoal grills offer the control and convenience of pellet grills while using charcoal as a fuel source.

We can easily say this is latest version of pellet smokers.

Features Confirm Is Char Griller Gravity 980 Good?

Here’s a look at the features you get when you buy the gravity-fed smoker 980.

Specification of Gravity Feed Charcoal Grill 980

Cooking Area980 Square inches
Building QualityHeavy-duty steel, insulated lid, and body
Cooking GratesPorcelain-Coated Cast Iron
Digital ControllerYes, Using WiFi and Bluetooth
Precision Control FanYes
Temperature Range200°F to 700°F
Hopper Capacity16 lbs
Slide Dumpers Yes, back side
Meat ProbesYes, one
ShelvesFixed side shelf & folding front shelf
Easy CleaningA Dump ash pan
Warranty 1-year limited

Benefits Of Best Gravity Fed Charcoal Grill

Char Griller Gravity 980 reviews

The Char-Griller gravity fed 980 charcoal grill brilliantly creates the purest smoky flavor you’ll ever taste from your food. This allows you to experiment with adding different flavors while minimizing the risk of your food becoming bitter. It is great value for money that can work more efficiently.

It offers an excellent temperature range which makes it stand out. It heats evenly across a wide cooking surface to temperatures ranging from 200°F to 700°F. You can smoke on low and slow or hot and fast for grilling, both are great.

As per the investigation, we find that Gravity Charcoal Grill will last for years in terms of long-term durability. High-quality steel construction ensures that this griller lasts through many seasons.

The Gravity Fed 980 Charcoal Grill comes with porcelain-coated cast-iron cooking grates, which combine the grilling properties of cast iron with the convenience of easy-to-clean. Also a porcelain-coated flame barrier and fire channel.

Char Griller Gravity 980 Review

It is very important to review this because the taste of charcoal is preferred in America. If you are thinking of buying it, then it is very important to consider all its aspects.

Let us take an in-depth look at whether the CharGriller 980 gravity fed charcoal smoker is really any good.

Building Quality

This Char Griller Gravity 980 is made from high-quality and heavy-duty steel which means it is sure to last. In addition, the cooking barrel and lid are insulated to retain heat.

Also included are porcelain-coated cast iron cooking grates and a triple-wall hopper. We’re pretty sure of its construction that this is a long-lasting gravity-fed charcoal grill.

Size of Gravity 980 Charcoal Grill

The Char-Griller 980 Gravity has a primary 680 square inch cooking area and a warming rack has 300 square inches. It’s a great size for family use, and excellent for the occasional BBQ party in your backyard.

You can easily cook 8 ribs, 8 chicken, 7 shoulders, and 6 briskets at a time.

Digital Controller

Is Char Griller Gravity 980 Good

The Char-Griller Gravity 980 comes with a PID controller, which allows you to control and maintain the temperature and speed. It lets you control everything from your phone, all you have to do is connect it via WiFi or Bluetooth.

You just turn on the Gravity Charcoal Grill, set it to your desired temperature using the control panel, and just wait for it to reach temperature.

Plus you have plenty to play with the temperature, with a timer, two probes, and a turbo setting on the fan, you have complete control over the temperature and smoke.

Heat Deflector & Drip Tray

This Char-Griller Gravity 980 charcoal grill features a heat deflector and a drip pan. Heat deflectors are best for slow cooking, smoking, and baking.

The heat deflector directs the grill’s heat so your food cooks evenly from all sides at once. Grease and dust can damage your deflector, so keep your grill parts clean.

But the best thing about a drip or grease tray is that it can be easily removed and cleaned.

Smoke & Damper

Is Char Griller Gravity 980 Good

You can also control the heat and smoke manually using the damper placed on the back. It will help in heat and smoke retention.

Just slide the damper and remove excess heat and smoke. For better protection, you need a char-griller gravity 980 cover.


The charcoal hopper has a capacity of 16 pounds which is enough which is good for about 6 hours of cooking time. You can refill the hopper if you want to cook for longer.

The hopper on the left side of the grill is made of heavy metal, where you load the charcoal and use it to ignite the briquette charcoal. If you look closely below, you can see the process of blowing air through a fan to keep the coals burning.


Portability is an important feature when we’re dealing with backyard parties and rainy weather. It has two 7″ wheels that make it easy to move as well as 2 smaller wheels that feature locks to keep the unit stationary or move it.

Other Features

The ashtray is at the bottom of the firebox where the charcoal ash collects and can be easily cleaned. The fan box is where the airflow causes the heat, smoke, and ignition of the charcoal in the grill.

It consists of two shelves, the front one can be folded and the side shelf is fixed.

The manifold on the bottom of the Gravity 980 acts as a key to directing heat. Directs fire to the top of the grill, prevents side scoring, and allows even cooking.


Are Gravity feed smokers good?

Yes, the gravity fed smoker is better in every aspect, be it the taste of the charcoal or the temperature control.

Can you grill on Char-Griller 980?

Yes, you can grill, smoke, bake, roast, sear, braise, barbecue, or chargrill food in the Char-Griller 980.

Can you use lump charcoal in Char-Griller 980?

Yes, you can use lump charcoal in your char griller 980.

How long does charcoal last in gravity fed smoker?

Charcoal lasts from 6 hours to 12 hours in a gravity fed smoker. It also depends on the outside temperature.

Char-Griller gravity 980 for sale

There’s no four-griller Gravity 980 for sale yet, though you might want to check for offers

Final Verdict

If you are really looking for a grill that brings back the classic taste of charcoal, then you should definitely go for the gravity fed charcoal grill. There are two best gravity-fed charcoal grill brands Char-Griler and Masterbuilt both are great.

Both cost almost the same but differ from each other. You can get restaurant-quality smoked and grilled results.

Many are attracted to the charcoal grill segment because of the category’s value-oriented retail pricing points.

The newly launched Char-Griller 980 gravity smoker is one of the great tools that gives an exceptional taste of charcoal, easy to handle, or pellet grill.

The final answer about “Is it worth buying?” “YES“.

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