Liquid Smoke Chicken Breast Sous Vide Recipe

This is a super simple, quick, and versatile liquid smoke chicken breast sous vide recipe. While you’ll need to use boneless, skinless chicken breasts for this, this recipe makes insanely juicy, tender chicken breasts that you can eat whenever you want!

Do you have the essential tools like a precision cooker that you need to make this liquid smoked chicken breast sous vide recipe or are you hearing about it for the first time?

The sous vide method is one of the many different ways to cook chicken breast around the world. In this, hot water is used for cooking, in which the chicken is kept in sealed polythene for some time.

What Does Sous Vide Means

Liquid Smoke Chicken Breast Sous Vide Recipe

In fact “Sous vide” is a French word meaning “under vacuum”. It’s precision cooking in vacuum-sealed pouches at precise temperatures for longer than usual.

With this method, you can cook not only chicken but also beef ribs, butt, sirloin, turkey, port, and almost all types of meat.

What Is Liquid Smoke

Liquid Smoke Chicken Breast Sous Vide Recipe

Some people may be surprised to know what liquid smoke is. Basically, this liquid smoke is a natural byproduct. This will give you the taste of natural hardwood without using wood chips, charcoal lumps, logs, pellets, or chunks.

To obtain liquid smoke, wood is set on fire and the generated smoke and vapor are collected in a bottle through a cooling tube. The smoke sticks to the tube and the liquid are pushed aside.

It is a mixture of black and yellow. Most brands of liquid smoke are cheaper than you think.

Liquid Smoke Chicken Breast Sous Vide Recipe

Let’s come to the recipe for Chicken Breast Sous Vide, in which you will get the taste of wood smoke, for which we will use liquid smoke.

What You Need For Liquid Smoke Chicken Breast Sous Vide

Before going to work, make sure you have the right equipment that makes the cooking process easier.

How to make liquid smoke chicken breast sous vide

  • Fill a large pot or container with enough water to reach the correct water level for your precision cooker. Attach the Precision Cooker and preheat the device to 145º F.
  • Take a large bowl, and prepare a mixture of olive oil, mashed garlic, seasoning, and liquid smoke. Now mix the chicken breast well in the bowl with this liquid marination, making sure that no stain remains on the chicken breast.
  • Now keep the marinated chicken breast in the fridge for at least 1 hour. By doing this process, the flavor of the chicken marinade will emerge even more.
  • Remove the chicken breast from the fridge and transfer it to a plastic food storage bag and seal it in half, or vacuum seal it.
  • Place the now sealed chicken breast in the basket with the hot water, making sure the temperature is 145F.
  • Stay away from it for an hour!
  • Remove the chicken breast bag from the water bucket. Carefully remove the chicken from the plastic bag and transfer it to a serving plate.

What if you don’t have a vacuum sealer?

Don’t worry, you can still make this liquid smoked chicken breast sous vide recipe even if you don’t have a vacuum sealer because it’s super easy!

For this, you have to use Ziploc or Stasher bag only. And to cook the chicken breast follow the same procedure as we have mentioned above.

One of the most important things is to make sure the bag is completely sealed or else water will seep in. To avoid this, hang the bag in a basket and seal it completely as soon as the chicken is completely submerged.

How can I use liquid smoke sous vide chicken breast?

I always take the first bite without any additional touch-ups. I love this dish chicken breast sous vide with liquid smoke, although I tried it with Red Ranch Sauce to amp up the flavor, which I loved, I always like to add a salad to this recipe.

You can add some flavor like-

  • Lemon Rosemary
  • Honey Mustard
  • Orange Tamari


Can you overcook chicken in sous vide?

The only way to overcook liquid smoke chicken breast in your sous vide cooker is to set your temperature too high! Set your temperature to 145º F.

How long do you cook liquid smoke chicken breast in sous vide?

Cooking liquid smoke chicken with sous vide takes 1 hour to cook. Some people like to cook their chicken breasts for up to 75 minutes, but I find that 1 hour is enough to get perfectly tender chicken breasts.

What can I use instead of a vacuum sealer for a sous vide recipe?

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a vacuum sealer, you can use Ziploc bags or stasher bags.

Can you eat chicken at 150º degrees?

Yes, you can eat chicken breast because the temperature of 140º degrees to 165º degrees is right for making chicken breast sous vide with liquid smoke and it takes 1 to 1.5 hours to prepare the recipe.

Can you sous vide with liquid smoke?

Yes, you can use liquid smoke with a sous vide recipe. A tablespoon of liquid smoke added to the sous vide chicken marinade will give it the mild smoke flavor of real outdoor cooking.

Is liquid smoke good on chicken?

For me, liquid smoke works well on chicken. If you want smoky flavor without any hassle then definitely try this once.

It works well on beef, turkey, fish, pork, and venison, but not chicken. If you don’t have a smoker unit, try liquid smoke in your indoor kitchen.

Can liquid smoke be put directly on meat?

Not really, the best way is to mix it with seasonings and then pour this mixture over the chicken and rub it. Refrigerate for 2 hours for marination and you will experience a slightly smoky flavor after cooking.

What happens if you use too much liquid smoke?

If you use too much liquid smoke, it can make your food taste bitter, so use it according to the manual on the bottle.

What is the advantage of using liquid smoke?

The great advantage of liquid smoke is that you can now get that smoke flavor from your indoor kitchen.

Research shows that 65% of Americans own grill smokers, but what about those who don’t? With its help, now they too can enjoy the taste of smoked meat inside your home.

Or simply put, anyone who has a taste for smoked meat is very affordable.

Final Verdict

I hope you like this recipe. Liquid smoke is not being used much yet because even you people do not know about it.

If you’ve cooked chicken breast sauce before but have been hesitant about liquid smoke, don’t be afraid to go ahead and great flavor awaits you.

Don’t forget to let us know after you try this “liquid smoke chicken breast sous vide” recipe!

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