Louisiana Grills vs Traeger Grill – [Updated] Which one is Best For You?

People’s interest in pellet grills is increasing day by day and people want to take backyard cooking to new dimensions with this revolutionary innovation. This article is for anyone interested in a pellet grill smoker and also for those interested in comparing Louisiana Grills vs Traeger Grill.

If you’re just getting started with pellet grills, Traeger is the first choice for encounters. In this, you learn quickly, about one of the most trusted and oldest most famous brands.

Louisiana Grills launched its first grill when the Traeger’s patent expired. Many people compare Traeger Grill vs Louisiana Grills to make it easier for them to choose the best grill.

Both these brands have a lot in common features and the quality of both is almost the same. Each brand model has its own specialty that attracts customers.

In this tough and competitive market, there are many pellet griller brands but Traeger is a big player in the grilling sector. Louisiana Grill also rivals Traeger’s which has been around a long time and delivers quality.

How does any grill compare? I will do a step-by-step compression between the Traeger vs Louisiana Grills.

The Louisiana LG Series and Traeger Pro Series are about to do in this comparison review

Louisiana Grills LG1100

Louisiana Grills vs Traeger Grill

The entire construction material of these models is solid and some components are on the respective side. The cooking chamber is made of high-grade 14-gauge steel and porcelain-enamel steel cooking grates.

It consists of a fleshy probe surrounded by strange clusters of wire that make it difficult to determine the temperature. The LED screen is easy to display and read, but when it comes to the competition it can leave you disappointed. Also, the hopper is a bit high which is complicated to use as a shelf.

These Louisiana grills are available in the LG Series in three sizes, the first at 707, the second at 913, and the 1061 square inches with a warming rack that makes for great cooking space. And that’s enough to serve your guest.

For temperature control, the digital control center and meat probe in these models both control the heat simultaneously, and the automatic ignition system and cool-down work simultaneously.

Here’s a programmable meat probe that sets the temperature to control the meat as desired. Digital control center that adjusts heat and maintains consistent heat for excellent cooking results. You can adjust the temperature and increase the 5-degree range from 170°F to 600°F.

All of these pellet grills have a hopper capacity of 14 pounds which isn’t bad. The size of this hopper is small. But it suits you 6 to 12 hours of grilling and is monitored by a digital controller is excellent.

The best feature of a pellet grill is that it gives you complete freedom to do grilling from anywhere. It has integrated WiFi capability that allows remote control app monitoring. You can control heat and smoke, integrate and monitor on-off, and even set the desired temperature and time through the app.

These models have some basic features like a flame broiler for direct and indirect heat cooking, a 2-stage exhaust system for cooking, a solid bottom shelf, and heavy-duty four wheels for easy maneuverability.

All these models come with a limited warranty of 5 years which ensures that you can get it serviced without any hassle. Before purchase, you need to get full details about the warranty and how is the support team.


  • Affordable price
  • A huge cooking area for your guest
  • Broiler Flame for direct and indirect temperature cooking
  • Excellent temperature range for searing


  • Most common problems with fire back up from auger to the hopper
  • The fight continues to keep the temperature low and control the temperature
  • Customer support needs improvement

Traeger Grills Pro Series 34

Louisiana Grills vs Traeger Grill

Let us now take a look at the build quality of the Traeger Grills. This model, like many Traeger grills, is built as durable and strong as heavy-duty steel and porcelain-coated cooking grates.

The Treasure Pro Series is huge compared to the others, but that doesn’t mean build and strength aren’t compromised, it’s extremely well built. It has four all-terrain wheels for easy portability. Traeger ensures you used powerful steel and a durable powder-coated finish and the Pro variant is built from a sawhorse chassis.

The Treasure Pro-Series has five different designs, each with different features as well as different cooking area sizes. Here the cooking area makes sense with the name Pro-780, Pro-575, Pro-34 has 884, Pro-22 has 572, and Renegade Pro has 380 square inches. but that takes a lot of space.

All these Traeger Pro have an 18-pound hopper capacity that meets the industry standard. Gives you 8 hours to 18 hours of cooking time with these animals, but ensures you keep a close eye on the level of the pellet for longer meat grilling sessions.

All these Trager Pro-series have a great temperature controller, it has two types of controllers one Digital Pro Controller and WiFireController. Both are good but WiFire is excellent. These controls are more efficient and effective when you are going to smoke. Check out Traeger vs Pit-boos vs Camp-chef

The Pro-780 and Pro-575 have a WiFiER digital controller, which will cost you more because they give you 100% real status of your cooking meat. The meat probe gives excellent control over the internal heat.

All these digital controllers and meet probes come with a “set and forget” feature. You have to set your desired temperature and time. When it has reached your settings you will be notified by the app you downloaded.

The digital controller and the integrated WiFi technology flesh out great freedom. With the help of a digital controller, you can control the heat and smoke however you desire and it is excellent at precise temperatures for great cooking results. You can adjust the temperature and increase the 5-degree range from 180°F to 450°F.

The Pro Series gets some additional features like all-terrain wheels and a straight-side slanted oil plate that collects grease into the outside bucket for easy cleaning.

All Treasure Pro models come with a 3-year limited warranty with world-class customer support. Before buying, read carefully what you get under warranty.


  • High Quality built materials
  • Fast and easy assembling
  • Enough cooking space for large gatherings
  • Excellent control over the temperature and smoke
  • Dual meat probes
  • Great durability and portability
  • Hopper cleanout system


  • Hopper size needs to be an increase

Quick Specification – Louisiana Grills and Traeger Grill

This comparison will help you to understand more which brand has the power and what you are going to get. Check out Louisiana vs Traeger Grill.

FeaturesLouisiana GrillsTraeger Grill
Cooking Surface areaLargeSufficient
Temperature Range160°F – 600°F180°F – 450°F
Ignition SystemYesYes
Hopper Capacity14-Pounds18-Pounds
ControlDigital Control CenterDigital Pro Controller with AGL
Meat ProbesSingle ProbeDual Probe
WiFi EnableYesYes
Direct FlameYesYes
Pellet Purge SystemYesYes
StorageYes No
CleaningRemovable grease tray attached with a bucketRemovable grease tray attached with a bucket
Price $$View on AmazonView on Amazon

What to Consider Before Buying a Pellet Grill – Louisiana Grills vs Traeger Grill

Before we get into product specifications, it helps if you know what to look for in a pellet grill. The following guidelines will help you understand the criteria for choosing the best product.


It really doesn’t come cheap when it comes to choosing a pellet grill. Can’t get better even if it’s cheap. More valuable pellet smoker grills usually last longer which gives a higher return on your investment. Guys pellet grill you won’t get inexpensive but it’s worth it and the performance is much more than you think.

But you’ll find a pellet grill with basic features and a moderately low-quality grill for $500 to $1000. The amount has to be increased to take the lifetime durability, world-class performance, and great grip on temperature control.

Construction Material

When talking about the construction material of a pellet grill one must be stainless steel which costs a lot. There is an option for those who are interested in a pellet grill made from high-quality steel and porcelain-coated cast-iron cooking grates. Cast iron is excellent at heat distribution and the porcelain finish makes it easy to clean.

Grilling Area

The coking area important factor since your investment is not for a few days, it’s for years, the pellet smoker you choose should not be too small for future grilling.

Most pellet grills cover between 400 and 600 square inches, which is less for guests. If you’ve decided you want a pellet grill, choose a grill over 600 square inches that will keep you entertained and entertained.

Temperature Control

Most charcoal grills spoil the taste of your food because the meat often gets burnt. But the pellet smoker grill has a digital controller that gives you complete control over the heat and smoke without much effort. All you have to do is set the temperature and time and wait you will get the message once your food is ready.

Hopper Capacity

Hopper size is more important when you have to do the grilling for a longer duration. Pellet grill takes up to 1 lb per hour on low heat and up to 2 lb per high heat foot as pellet fuel. Built-in temperature probes allow you to keep an eye on the temperature without opening the grill.

Special Features

Dual Meat Probe, which will offer to monitor the temperature of the meat in addition to the heat of the fire. If you can find a grill with WiFi enable the feature, and you’ll be able to operate instructions via the Remote app.


Most grills come with between 1 to 3 years of limited warranty but some brands offer a longer warranty on defective parts, and manufacturing defects but do not include labor.

How Does Louisiana Grill Compare to Traeger?

Although the difference between the two has been mentioned above, then the most notable difference between the two is the cooking rack that you should pay attention to.

The Louisiana Grills Black Label range features porcelain-coated cast-iron grates while the Traeger Pro Series range features porcelain-coated steel wire racks. The advantage of a cast iron rack is better heat retention, hence better grilling performance.

Louisiana Grills

Not every brand specifies their product as the units they have to sell, but I read reviews from verified buyers of the Louisiana LG Series on Amazon and Walmart to understand how the grill is performing. Walmart has an average rating of 4.6, while Amazon has an average rating of 3. To understand more closely, you should read reviews of verified buyers, some are here for you.

Brad– Assembly was fairly easy with 2 people

So far I’m loving this pellet grill. It takes a learning curve to convert from gas grilling and electric smoker to using a pellet grill. What made me choose this Louisiana grill over competitors was the ability to set an internal temp from the included meat probe and the built-in flame broiler feature. Assembly was fairly easy with 2 people; this thing is heavy due to its construction. The directions could have been a little clearer, but common sense will guide you through.

It took a few tries to understand the temp settings on the controller. Also, they could have a much better recipe and cooking guide site, in my opinion, but I think once the basics are down you make your own (if you’re any kind of cook).

thepaleodietitin – It is great grilling meat and gives out goof smoke

I bought this Pellet Smoker back in May 2017. I have a friend that has one and swore by it. It is great at grilling meat and gives out good smoke. However, if you want to get low and slow you are in trouble. I have smoked about 8 briskets, ribs, and 4 or 5 pork butts.

It is a constant battle to keep the temp low. I would have returned it but I called customer service and they told me I needed to change the settings to get the temp lower.

I did that. It still can’t regulate the temp. it is always higher than 250 or 225 when I want to smoke. Called again and had the settings adjusted again. still does it. now I’m out of my 90 day return period stuck with this thing.

don’t waste your money if you really want to smoke something low and slow. This pellet grill cant regulates the temp at a low setting to save its life. Buy anything else.

Cris from so cal – sets itself on fire. Poor customer service

If you want a pellet grill that will set itself on fire, then this is the one for you!

I’ve continually had issues with the fire backing up through the auger into the hopper. If you’re not careful, it’ll burn down your house. The fire was at least 5 feet tall.

To top it off, LG’s customer service is bottom of the barrel. They absolutely refuse to acknowledge this is a problem (even though complaints are all over the Internet) and refuse to help me with anything.

Traeger Grills

Trager has got great customer reviews. Although these grills are built to last, they are easy to assemble. The larger models are large enough to cook a large amount of meat at once, and the results are reportedly delicious. Must read what verified users said.

Husband, Dad and Nerd – Impressive “BBQ” NOT a “Grill”

Pros: grill
Size (so many pork butts)
Ease of use (flip the switch, that’s it)
Smoking performance (low and stable)
Temperature accuracy (see picture)

Doesn’t “grill” very well (but I have a gas grill for that)

Quick background I’ve owned a different brand pellet grill for 8 years, I’m very familiar with how they work.
#1 recommendation to every new user, DON’T use Traeger pellets, they are GARBAGE. Lumberjack if you can (the supreme mix is great), Bear mountain is good, so are CookingPellets Perfect mix. You need a pellet with both a decent amount of mild heat wood like oak and 30%+ actual flavor wood. Traeger pellets are “flavored” alder, all-around mediocre. 100% oak works well and provides heat well. For flavor go with a blend like a hickory (bacony), or apple (sweet), or mesquite for that Texas twang. Supreme mix and perfect mix are great all-around.

I bought this for smoking, period. The barrel design, indirect heat, plus very low-temperature stability (holds 150 or 180 great) is fantastic for smoking meat low and slow. This was an area my last grill was mediocre. My past efforts and my many future plans for this thing, none involve temps over 250.

Wicked Man – Great Grill – if you get it at the right price

Pros: With the Traeger 34 I like the size of the grill area – holds a ton of meat. I’ve done 6 slabs of ribs without space issues. And while having two temperature probes is nice, I’ve only used two probes at the same time once. I normally need only one probe. But still, it’s a plus. I like the digital read-out for the grill temp and the probe. The temps inside the grill have been pretty good – some fluctuation but for the most part, it holds a good consistent temperature – seeing that I’m usually setting it at 225 and leaving it for hours (although I have made a couple of modifications which I mention below).

Cons: The main issues are two: One, the control unit uses a dial with ten settings – which is fine, but a digital control setting would be better. After all, it has a digital readout for temp and probe.

P. Schofield – Going to need more Lipitor

Easy to assemble. I have been using it almost every day. Great for ribs. Not so good for burgers or steaks because it doesn’t get hot enough to sear the meat, but great for ribs-use the 3-2-1 recipe.

Bottom Line; Louisiana Grills vs Traeger Grill

Are Louisiana smokers any good? What grills are as good as Traeger? here is the final match verdict.

Is Traeger grill better than Louisiana? Which of the two meets all the specifications of the ideal pellet grill? The Traeger is very close to economical, durable, and maintains accurate heating during cooking.

Yes, it is a bit small in size but makes your group of guests attractive. Our winner between Louisiana Grill vs Traeger Grill is Traeger Grills.

Whichever model you choose from Traeger I hope it will bring you many years of happiness and strength. So happy grilling dear.

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