Masterbuilt Adventure Series Propane Smoker Updated Guide

The Masterbuilt adventure series propane smoker comes in all shapes and sizes. If you are serious about finding the best propane smoker for your use depends on many things. Masterbuilt adventure series propane smoker One of the key factors is that you can get more people smoking meat and food. There you can scale back to try to combine volume and quality with a price point that fits your budget smoker.

The Masterbuilt adventure series gives you complete freedom to enjoy cooking and smoking. All this adventure grill smoker patented innovation lets you turn the temperature on and off without the need for temperature monitoring or adjustments.

Masterbuilt brings together great performance with a host of designs, innovations, and ease of use that are made for your anywhere smoking adventure.

If you are serious about Masterbuilt adventure Smoker then here you can know in detail. I’ve put together a list of five Masterbuilt adventure smokers you’ll love.

Let us first give you a shortlist, read its full review below. Also, have to read that which factors have to be kept in mind when you go to buy any smoker of adventure series.

Masterbuilt Adventure Series Propane Smoker Short List

Here is top 5 Masterbuilt Advenrue series propane smoker that we made that list as per the construction materials, performance, cooking area, grilling features, easy to use and clean.

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1. Overall Top Choice : Masterbuilt® Adventure Series MPS 340g Thermotemp

Masterbuilt Adventure Series Propane Smoker

The Masterbuilt 40 Propane Smoker makes smoking the easiest, simplest, and safest. It is characteristic that no longer adjust the temperature and monitoring. The Masterbuilt Adventure Series Thermotemp XL Propane Smoker comes with the patented Thermotemp feature. Just set the temperature and spend time on other important things.

It has enough room to smoke 4 turkeys, 8 chickens, a rack of 8 ribs, or 8 pork butts. Watching Safety It has a shut-off valve which provides an excellent feel. This is one of the best professional smokers.


  • Masterbuilt adventure series MPS 340g Thermotemp xl black propane smoker built with high-quality steel with excellent dual insulated wall and chrome-coated cooking racks for great durability.
  • The adjustable adventure series features four chrome-coated smoking racks for 961 square inches of cooking space. To cook larger meats, set the rack according to the size of your meal.
  • Patented temperature sensor (Thermotemp) that controls the burner to maintain the desired temperature.
  • When the flame is extinguished safety valve shuts off the burner.
  • Includes fuel gauge which indicates how much propane balance in the tank to smoke the food.
  • Masterbuilt 40 propane smoker has a stainless steel burner that produce 15,750 BTU and a heat diffuser evenly issue the heat.
  • You can check the cooking status using the glass door without losing temperature and smoke. The door latch offers to open and close with one hand.
  • Stainless steel wood chip tray that is easily accessible by opening the lower door.
  • An accessible grease tray is mounted on the side for quick cleanup. Handles and sturdy wheels allow for easy maneuverability.
  • Easily available in the market Masterbuilt Propane Smoker Parts
  • Includes a propane tank bracket, and a type 1 regulator with hose.


  • Flame disc bowl that can accumulate too much grease
  • Woodchip tray size small

2. Masterbuilt MPS 230S Propane Smoker

Masterbuilt Adventure Series Propane Smoker

Enjoying smoked meats with the Masterbuilt adventure series propane smoker this model is also great. The Masterbuilt 30-inch propane smoker features dual-wall insulated and built-in temperature gauges and four chrome-coated smoking racks. This is the same Masterbuilt Sportsman Elite Propane Smoker.

This smoker gives you the freedom to test and smoke for hours everywhere. It has adjustable cooking racks to accommodate larger cuts of meat. You can master the art of smoking with the Masterbuilt adventure series propane smoker 30-inch. Read here for the best budget smokers.


  • It is made of high quality steel and all internal components manufactured from stainless steel for excellent durability.
  • The Masterbuilt MPS 230S Propane Smoker includes four adjustable chrome plated smoking racks with 730 square inches that are large enough for a family.
  • It has an air bumper which is excellent in controlling smoke and temperature as well.
  • A stainless steel burner that produces 15,400 BTUs and heats up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Push-button ignition light burners quickly and easily, Type 1 regulator with hose also included.
  • Integrated patented porcelain enamel flame disc bowl that allows the burner to reach the wood chip while protecting it from grease or oil.
  • The door liner keeps the heat inside with the help of an adjustable door latch.
  • Easy to clean without opening the door when smoking.


  • Bad location of temperature sensor.
  • Difficult to control low temperature in weather below 30 degrees.

3. Masterbuilt MPS 330g Thermotemp Propane Smoker

Masterbuilt adventure series MPS 330g Thermotemp propane smoker well design and high demand in the market. It has everything you want to smoke your favorite food in your backyard, also a great choice for camping trips.

Made from similar materials in this Adventure series but featured a Thermotemp for excellent control over temperature. If you are interested in the best gas grill under $1000 read this article.


  • The Masterbuilt® Adventure Series mps 330g Thermotemp Propane Smoker is crafted from quality materials for superior durability and dual insulated walls and chrome-coated cooking racks.
  • Four adjustable chrome-plated smoking racks measure 713 square inches best for feeding a crowd.
  • Patented Thermotemp controls the temperature by using a burner to cosistant and maintain the desired temperature.
  • In addition it has a fuel level gauge and type 1 regulator with hose.
  • The safety valve turns off the burner if the flame is extinguished.
  • The heat diffuser issues the heat from the burner.
  • Some other features like a glass door for easy viewing of cooking position, door latch, wood chip tray, ashtray, grease tray, and wheels for easy movement.


  • Disapointed burner to burns, it has to be pressed to a certain temperature to burn.
  • It may the temperature control is not accurate.
  • Significant assembly required.

4. Masterbuilt® Adventure 30-inch Digital Electric Smoker

Masterbuilt Adventure Series Propane Smoker

This is another adventure series smoker from Masterbuilt. This is a digital electric smoker that is perfect for beginners and professional pitmasters. Simply plug it in and set up the digital controls and let it work perfectly. An exclusive and patented side wood chip loader without losing smoke and heat.

If you are looking for a Masterbuilt adventure series propane smoker then you can skip this and pick the first one. Otherwise, this is a great option with an RV connection.


  • It has also created the same construction material used in our top pick Masterbuilt adventure series propane smoker MB20051316 40-inch also a fully-insulated body retains heat.
  • The Masterbuilt adventure series 30 Inch features a stunning 711 square inch smoking surface with four chrome-coated smoking racks that feed your entire family and your friends.
  • Thermostat for even, consistent smoking – perfect to temperature control.
  • The temperature ranges from 0 to 275F. has the ability to reach.
  • Top mounted digital control panel feature sets the cooking temperature and time as well as the on/off the unit.
  • You can control the smoke as your or your food needs by providing an air damper.
  • Patented wood chip tray and a water bowl to add moisture and flavor.
  • Removable drip pan and rear grease tray catches food drippings.
  • Easily available in the market Masterbuilt Propane Smoker Parts
  • The sturdy four legs that provide great stability and the 50-pound unit weight and handle allow for easy maneuvering.


  • You may not get accurate temperature information.
  • Mobility takes some effort due to no wheels.

5. Masterbuilt® 30 Adventure Analog Electric Smoker

Masterbuilt Adventure Series Propane Smoker

The Masterbuilt adventure 30-inch analog electric smoker structure is made of heavy-duty steel and features three chrome-coated adjustable racks. It will produce competitive finished results in your backyard without the hassle of propane and charcoal. It is the same as the Masterbuilt Sportsman Elite Propane Smoker.

Masterbuilt Adventure Series smoker can go anywhere with just an electric RV connection to start you up and set up the analog and make it work. It doesn’t have features like the Masterbuilt Adventure series propane smoker but does have a substantial cooking area.


  • This too is a strong double insulated wall similar to the Masterbuilt Adventure Series propane smoker. Stainless steel wood chip pan and water pan for great durability.
  • Three adjustable smoking racks offer 730 square inches of cooking are it is enough to feed a couple or a crowd. Adjust rack as per the meat size.
  • The Masterbuilt adventure features a variable temperature control using a handy analog dial for temperature settings.
  • Masterbuilt MB20070210 analog electric smoker with a built-in thermometer that can help monitor the temperature.
  • 1,500-watt heating element for consistant smoking in backyard
  • It holds 50 pounds which is easy to move from one place to another.
  • Ashtray and wood chip tray slides out easily for refilling and cleaning.
  • The grease tray catches a good amount of droppings that drains out easily in front.


  • It does not have wheels, which makes it difficult to move.
  • There are some complaints about the paint bubble.


If you’re looking for a Masterbuilt Adventure Series Propane Smoker with Cabinet that can handle your cookout and smoke for your family or friends, then Masterbuilt propane smoker 40-inch with Thermostat control first choice (View on Amazon).

It exhibits a very nice and excellent insulated frame with a glass door that handles the fumes in the cold. Porcelain-coated flame disc bowl protects burner. Wood chip pan and water bowl for great and tender juicy meat. It provides the easiest way to clean too.

Free Download Masterbuilt Adventure Series Propane Smoker Manual

If you are looking for a Masterbuilt Propane Smoker Manual then download it now. Masterbuilt propane smoker manual and Masterbuilt propane smoker instructions both are available for free download PDF files.

Masterbuilt propane smoker recipes

Which food do you like to cook Pork, Chicken, Beef, and Fish? and what do you like to smoke or grill? there are lots of Masterbuilt propane smoker recipes available. I love the beef grill and smoke. Click here for the smoke and grilled fish pork recipes.

What Consider before buying the Masterbuilt Adventure Series Propane Smoker

Before choosing the Masterbuilt adventure series propane smoker, we have followed these guides, which are listed below to help you.

Construction & Ease of Assembly

When we talk about Musterbuilt Propane Smoker, the material used in its manufacture should be of high-grade steel which gives more durability. and all Masterbuilt Propane smoker parts being stainless is good at avoiding rust.

The door seal is excellent compared to competitors and the well-insulated wall does the job it should on cold autumn days.

There isn’t much for assembling you should follow the instructions and put it together in no more than 30 minutes. Also, you can replace them with a Pit Boss Natural Gas Conversion Kit

Smoking Areas

As far as Masterbuilt propane smokers are concerned, the Masterbuilt claim is the best place for a smoking area but the company doesn’t want to talk about the claims. An area of 700 square inches is good for a medium-sized family. Four chrome racks are better for you 8 chickens or 3 ribs but will need to be cut in pieces.


The Masterbuilt Porcelain Flame Disc and Wood Chip Bowl to help load the wood chips extinguish the smoke of the wood along with the burning grease. It is best for huge smoking sessions.

All you have to do is take care that the greased pan isn’t too full and reloads easily while smoking for a great classic wood-smoked meat tastes that the Masterbuilt always delivers. Soaking a piece of wood or wood chips in water overnight to reduce flareups can also help.

Special Features

It’s always worth looking for special features like a patented porcelain coated flame disc bowl, digital temperature controller, and more. The patented porcelain-coated flame disc is designed to prevent excessive dripping of the bowl and deliver the smoked flavor of wood.

Ease to Clean

Chrome-coated smoking racks are easy to clean with a brush scrap and wipe cloth. The nylon-bristled brush will reduce the amount of scuffing that can come from using a metal brush.

Extra attention is required to clean the Flame Disc Bowl, the porcelain coat that protects the metal that you can easily wash with a butter knife and warm soapy water.

What says & rating by verified customer

When you buy a grill or smoker, you should read at least three positive and three negative reviews from verified customers. It is necessary to pay attention here that how many stars the product has got, if there is 10% more than 1 star in the review star then ignore the product.


You have to see how much warranty you are getting and what is included in it. Almost all manufacturers give limited warranties to the company.

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