Pit Boss Classic 700 vs 700FB – Which One Is Best?

There are many pellet smokers in the market. No matter how big a fan you are, when you want to find the difference between any two units, it is a difficult task. If you are a pit boss pellet smoker lover and confused between pit boss classic 700 vs 700FB that is the best pit boss smoker for you.

As a customer, it can be difficult to know which Pit Boss model is the best to get. To help you out, in this article, together we will compare the Pit Poss 700fb vs 700 Classic. Which will let you know its features, performance, and remoteness to the bottom.

So let’s start the deep analysis of pit boss 700 vs 700FB. In this review article, you will understand through features, structured materials, and charts that help you spot the difference at a glance.

Pit Boss Classic 700 vs 700FB: Head to Head

Seeing for the first time, you cannot even guess what is the difference between these two pellet grills. But the Pit Boss 700 series offers the best value. When you observe it closely, you will find that there is some difference between these two Pit Boss models.

Before going into the differences and similarities we can see some of the following observations. You can this about the best Austin XL 1000 Pit Boss

Pit Boss Classic 700

Pit Boss Classic 700 vs 700FB

The Pit Boss Classic 700 offers a 700-square-inch grilling area that includes a two-part porcelain-coated wire cooking grid’s main grilling area and warming rack.

The Pit Boss 700 Green is perfectly designed to be practical and versatile and is also excellent for a medium-sized family meal.

The Pit Boss Classic 700 is made of heavy-duty steel structure and components that provide strength and durability. This Pit Boss 700 Series is perfect to smoke, grill, sear, roast, BBQ, braise, or char-grill.

Pit Boss Classic 700 keeps temperatures ranging between 180F to 500F & produces 20,000 BTUs per hour that is perfect for BBQ, roasting, grilling, braising, searing, and smoking.

PIT BOSS 700FB Pellet Grill

Pit Boss Classic 700 vs 700FB

The Pit Boss 700FB Pellet Grill has a 700-square-inch smoking area with a warming rack similar to the Pit Boss Classic 700.

So you can cook the same amount of food to feed your family and friends.

The Pit Boss 700FB is also made from a high-quality steel structure and components that allow for long life and excellent durability. It also imparts great smoke flavor and tenderness.

Its temperature control board is smaller if we compare it with the Pit Boss Classic 700. Taking temperature range remains the same up to 180F – 500F.

The Pit Boss 700fb produces 40,000 BTUs per hour which is excellent for grilling. It allows cooking food at low and high temperatures. Low heat for high heat for pizza and smoke or grill for beef.

The temperature controls are very easy to use and very reliable when it comes to grilling.

Pit Boss Comparison Chart

For more clarity, you can see the difference between them. Let’s see the Pit boss Classic 700 and 700FB comparison chart. Which one is best Pit Boss or Traeger

Pit Boss 700Pit Boss 700FB
Construction MaterialSteel, Stainless steelSteel, Stainless steel
Cooking Area700 Sq. in.700 Sq. in.
Temperature Range180° to 500°F180° to 500°F
Hopper Capacity18 lbs18 lbs
Flame BroilerYesYes
Grill Dimensions40.75″L x 25.59″W x 43.9″H24.8″L x 22.05″W x 43.11″H
Weight126 lb118 lb
Price View on AmazonView on Amazon

What is the difference between pit boss 700FB and classic?

There are four main differences between the two Pit Boss 700 series. The cooking area, hopper capacity, temperature range, and material manufactured are the same in both pellet grills.

Temperature Controller

The Pit Boss Classic 700 also includes 2 meat probe controllers and a larger control board that uses a “prime button” for quick heat recovery. If you have decided to buy these then you will definitely get these features.

These features allow you to quickly charge the temperature by hand with the help of a dial controller.

The Pit Boss Classic 700 comes with two meat probes. I hope you’ve seen its controls are bigger than 700FB. All these pellet smokers have a digital controller, and a classic H1 digital control board but Pit Boss 700fb uses V1 digital controller which is much better.

The Pit Boss 700FB looks and feels a lot smoother in comparison. This grill doesn’t come with any meat probes, only temperature controls in the control panel. This will give you a consistent temperature, so you need minimal monitoring, there really isn’t much to do.

BTUs Output

The other major difference is the BTU where the Pitboss 700FB delivers 40,000 BTU while the Pitboss Classic 700 only offers 20,000 BTU.

Higher BTUs may sound impressive but in some cases, they cannot be said to be good which may result in lower efficiency.

When you look at the temperature range of both grills, the BTU doesn’t matter except that it burns your fuel at a higher rate.

Appearance – Wheel

There are some other differences like color and design but they are not really valuable. The 700fb comes in a Black finish and Classic Bronze finish. But grills are different that matter.

Pit Boss Classic 700 wheels are made of sturdy plastic material whereas Pit Boss 700FB wheels are made of metal which is stronger than plastic but can be a bit tricky to turn.

Final Verdict

I hope your doubts are cleared. There is not much difference between Pit Boss Classic 700 vs 700FB. Both have similar construction materials, performance, hopper capacity, temperature range, and cooking area.

Overall, it offers a high BTU, a digital controller, and a design that is the reason chose the Pit Boss 700FB.

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