Rec Tec RT 700 Review & Ultimate Buying Guide

The market has lots of pellet smokers available but when a Pitmaster goes to smoke it is a really exciting option. The rec tec RT 700 review and this smoker is most popular in between Pitmaster also well known as the rec tec bull. And there is a lot of hype around the rec tec rt 700. This rec tec rt 700 review article clears every doubt.

We all usually ignore the latest and greatest grill smoker. this smoker has excellent features and superior built quality as well is the best smoker for the value.

The rec tec rt 700 extreme smoke producer and deliver best tasty, tender, and juicy meats. The smoker by focusing on versatility and convenience and rectec bull makes all other grills obsolete.

This smoker has all the best features which we required and you can start baking, smoking, grilling, searing, and even more with simple use. So Let’s start the rec tec 700 reviews with fully detailed it will take 5 minutes to read the article. In this rec tec 700 reviews, we try to solve your doubt about the rectec 700. Here is a review article about Rec-Tec RT 590 you can read as well.

Rec Tec RT 700 Review (In-Depth)

We will talk about all those aspects one by one. know start with the Constructed material. The Rec Tec 700 Bull is a medium-sized pellet smoker and is designed for outstanding performance like an animal. The rec tec 700 needs to be assembled you can use the rec tec 70 manual for an easy way to do it. Here is the best pellet smoker list also help you.

rec tec rt 700

Rating: 5 out of 5.


  • Manufactured with high-grade quality
  • Wide monitoring range of PID digital controller
  • Dual meat probes offer accurate feedback about the cooking.
  • The capacity of 40 pounds of pellets for continuous cooking for 40 hours.
  • Ceramic Ignition Systems for the long last
  • An outstanding performer for consistently good results
  • You can control the entire unit using the remote via WiFi
  • All-inclusive 6-year warranty
  • Self-draining shutdown mode for cleanout
  • Washable interior lighting


  • There is no hopper door for pellet cleaning
  • You cant cook on the open flame

Constructed Material of Rec Tec 700 Review

The rec tec 700 smoker’s almost all parts are made of stainless steel, which provides extreme durability and makes it last longer. Stainless steel cooking chambers and cooking grates are perfect for heat retention. Stainless steel firepots are excellent for longer work, the heat deflector provides transfers heat to them.

The smoker has corrosion resistance and heavy-duty ceramic fire rods have been satisfied to regulate grilling and smoke for approximately 300 years of use.

It also has some drawbacks, some of which fade away with gimmicky features that make it a weak site in the manufacture of grills. This requires some modular design that can be used individually by the user. And replace components instead when required.

All internal areas are built with stainless steel which means you do not need to panic that the grill is cracked, painted, or rusted.

Cooking Area of Rec Tec RT 700

rec tec rt 700

Rating: 5 out of 5.

This rec tec bull has a 702 square inch cooking room with a cooking area that is ideal for getting six racks of ribs, also enough height for a full turkey or large size of chickens.

And if you are not satisfied with the space given you have an optional rack. It will easily fit in the main cooking chamber and will get 352 square inches of additional cooking space. Now you have a total cooking area of ​​1054 square inches. I feel up to this rec tec rt 700 reviews you satisfied.

Fuel Capacity of Hopper

The rec tec RT 700 has a very large hopper with a pellet holding capacity of 40 pounds at a time. This smoker offers you to smoke your meat continuously for more than 40 hours but is also perfect for less time cooking. You know slow cooking will give you excellent taste, flavor, and aroma. Also, you can read this best electric smoker article

Temperature Controlling of the Best Rec Tec 700

rec tec rt 700

Rating: 5 out of 5.

When we talk about which grill to choose for the best temperature control and the best result, it comes at the top of the name Rec Tec RT-700, which it carries with its PID Smart controller Technology ™.

Do you know how PID works? PID has an algorithm that uses fuel and temperature rates to determine how many wood pellets the smoker actually needs to maintain the temperature. As the temperature approaches, the consumption of wood pellets will decrease. it will not reach the desired goal. Check about RecTec RT 590 also.

PID controller technology performs the same type of work that is used to control the heat in bakeries and breweries that always give you the same taste and the same results. May you find an alternative to Rec Tec RT 700 here?

Heat Capacity

The rec tec 700 is capable to work in all weather but you can expect your target within +/- 5 ° F. And super accurate means super consistent results all time.

PID race text goes from 200°F – 500°F easily in a few minutes. It is a bit smoky which should be 150 ° F. Most users do not require this, but a LO setting allows you to lower the temperature below 200 ° F to maximize smoke production. And has a set of more than 500°F for hot searing.

WiFi Connectivity

This rec tec RT 700 has premium features WiFi which can easily control the RT 700 with your smartphone. you have to do one thing download the app and connect with your home WiFi.

You can easily monitor and control the smoker, just set the desired temperature, and check the actual status and you have meat probes that allow monitoring of the internal temperature of the cooking meat. When everything is done just turn off the rectec 700.


This Rec-Tec bull has four sturdy wheels that provide excellent portability you can move your smoker to your chosen place in your backyard and two lockable wheels provide extra stability.

The rec tec 700 dimension is available in the chart so you can easily read and see it.

rec tec RT 700 dimension
Front & Back side Dimensions chart
rec tec rt 700 dimension
Internal Chamber dimensions and Side dimension

Extra Features

Rating: 5 out of 5.

REC TEC RT 700 does not want to be discontinued core features. This smoker has a double meat probe that monitors the cooking temperature, a huge hopper lid made of stainless steel, appliance hooks, and washable interior lighting.

The Smoker RT-700 bundle you get from Amazon includes a grill cover, two nonstick pottery, and 200 pounds of wood pellets. So is everyone ready for the delay?

How easy cleaning the Rec tec 700

There are two important things to do for cleaning the rec tec 700. The first smoker has an excellent automatic self-cleaning feature shutdown mode which allows you to clean the firepot every 3-5 cooks. And the second smoker has no pellet hopper purge door.

Rectec said that you can leave the pill inside a smoker for 6 weeks, but the time has come for them to clean up. Only use a scoop which is very easy. Which hook is on a 5-gallon bucket?

The smoker has an additional stainless steel drip tray and grates that are easy to wipe down. You clean the ash inside the smoker with pellets every 80 – 100 pounds.


The Rec Tec RT 700 comes with a 6-year warranty which is a good sign for the industry leader. There are similar warranties from other brands on the market, but this includes everything and customer service.

This Rec Tec bull is a top-rated grill on the online market if they have a problem solved, they care.

Optional Features

There are an amazon rec tec rt 700 bundle that does not include everything. Here is a cool add-on and accessories you can get if you need them.

  • Large Interior shelves for extra cooking area
  • Flat top griddle
  • Regular cover or cover for a grill with the smokebox
  • Front foldable shelf
  • Insulated cold weather cover
  • Competition cart for maneuverability and increased work height

Specification For Rec Tec RT-700 Wood Pellet Grill

Construction MaterialsStainless steel and powder-coated steel
Cooking Area702 Square inches
Grate MaterialStainless steel
Hopper Capacity40-lbs
Dimensions54″(W) x 36″(D) x 50″(H)
Heating Range200 – 500°F +
PriceView on Amazon

What Says Verified Users

Jack Storey

The hype is real. I ordered my RT700 directly from RecTec to save on shipping costs and purchased the bundle that came with a premium cover, 200# of pellets, and a t-shirt. I ordered in mid-March and this beast was delivered by March 28th via UPS and was handled with clear care in transit. The assembly was pretty easy (watch the RT guys video once through for some clarity; the nuts and bolts aren’t marked). It took me and my partner about 45 minutes from start to finish. I would encourage you to assemble as close to the final destination as possible; we did not, and lifting this thing up even a small flight of stairs was a serious task.

C.F. Conley

The first thing to know, this grill is 300 bucks cheaper if you buy it directly from rec tec….. Which is what I did. I have had this grill for just over a month and love it. I have never smoked anything in my life because it was never worth the hassle of chasing the temperature across several hours to ensure the final product was what I wanted. Luckily, being in Texas, I had lots of friends that didn’t mind all that work and time.

Is rec tec batter then traeger?

The rec tec 700 and Traeger both have a similar temperature range but rectec 700 gives you an extra feature with full settings of the temperature this will slightly edge for grilling performance and best results.

Are Rec Tec Grills worth the money?

Yes, absolutely, this Rectec RT 700 has been built for over 100 years which means providing value for money.

How much does the Rec Tec RT 700 weigh?

The rt700 pellet grill’s weight is 195 pounds without filling the pellets. In this rec tec rt 700 articles, you must get more details about the rectec smoker.

How much is a rec TEC pellet grill?

The price is fluctuating, if you want the latest price please view it on Amazon.

Final Verdict

I hope you will get a clear picture of the with the help of the rec tec rt 700 reviews. The brief, grill with excellent features and is a top-rated grill in the market. If you really want the best pellet smoker to go with this smoker if the price does not matter to you.

For this, I will just say that you can go with it without any fear or doubt. This pellet smoker is great value for money considering the quality and inclusions that you get.

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  1. I would like to know if I give Rec tec 700 to my son, would the warranty carry over. I’ve had the smoker for less than a year. I want to give it to him because I’m not very satisfied with it. I’m sticking with my old tried and true. The egg.
    Many thanks
    Don Thornton

    • Yes, you can give it to your son, it doesn’t matter about the warranty, just you have to keep in mind that if a repair is needed in the future, the customer service repairer will have to be satisfied and the warranty period will be the same. You have received
      If you are not completely satisfied with the Rec-Tec 700, you can see more options or modify your old smoker to suit you. Everyone has different choices


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