Traeger Grill Temperature Problem – It is Super Easy To Fix Them.

Troubleshooting Traeger Grill Temperature Problems based on experience. In recent times, we’ve noticed that the top-quality pellet grill brand has temperature issues.

There is no doubt that the Traeger Pellet Grill is a great example of technology but the technology is bound to cause problems in the future.

When things get old, they become more prone to problems. But you still can’t stop smoking with your favorite Traeger Pellet grill because you love it.

From which you learned a lot, now that favorite grill haunts you. But there’s a bigger problem with your pellet grill because it’s not getting as hot as before, or the temperature of the Traeger Grill is fluctuating.

If your Traeger won’t hold temp or Traeger not getting to temp, there could be a few main reasons that I found on my Traeger Grill Pro 34, see below.

  • Damage fan
  • Low-quality pellets
  • Bad hot rod ignitor
  • The auger system may be jammed
  • There is a dirty can in the sensor.
  • Build up of ash that won’t ignite the grill

Here, we give you some simple tips to avoid Traeger grill temperature problems and how to troubleshoot them if your Traeger Timberline pellet grill temperature issues.

The common issues with Traeger pellet grill smokers are overheating and low heating. Keep reading the guide to learn how to fix these problems, so you can get things hot again.

Are Traeger Temperature Problems Common?

Don’t panic, YES! This is a completely common problem, but you should know how hot can a Traeger get. Sometimes the temperature gets high during cooking between 450F to 500F or more depending on the modal.

The Traeger Grill cooks at an average temperature, which means the temperature may drop above or below the set temperature during your cook, but the average temperature will still remain your set temperature.

On a typical day, the Traeger Smoker grill should fluctuate no more than ±25°F/14°C. If your favorite pellet grill is fluctuating more than this, you should find the reason.

Traeger Grill Temperature Problem & Solutions

Let’s start by learning why your Traeger grill has a temperature problem. And how to fix grill heating problems one by one using my experience.

You must invest in cookbooks on how to smoke, written by America’s famous chefs.

1. Low-Quality Pellets

The main cause of a Traeger Grills temperature problem is that you’re using low-quality or old wood pellets. Most grillers agree that these types of pellets do not burn properly.

Check the pellets at the end of the auger or in the firepot to see if your pellet is of low quality. The pellets should have a nice luster and the broken pellets should have a better “snap”. If pellets are breaking or look a bit sluggish, it is recommended to replace the pellets.

You should check the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations before choosing wood pellets for the Traeger grill that provide the right heat and flavor. Read here for the Best Pellet Smoker Tube

How To Fix Traeger Pellet Grill Problems

  • Use pellets according to the manufacturer’s recommendation and direction.
  • Immediately stop using low-quality pellets that don’t give you reliable heat and great taste.
  • Explore options for high-quality pellets.
  • You have to make a constant effort to get the right pellets
  • Buy high-quality pellets

2. Traeger Grill auger Not Turning

In Traeger Grill temperature issues, can be caused by auger jams. But understanding why this happens is not huge rocket science.

Traeger grills are a common reason for auger jam when the pellets are left in the hopper for a long time. Because some grillers do not pay attention to its cleanliness after cooking, which later causes temperature fluctuation.

Often there is moisture in the hopper due to which moisture enters the pellets and the pellets become moist due to non-cleaning for a long time. And as soon as you use pellets containing moisture, it makes the auger a problem.

You can blame the pellet and auger system but the real reason is your slack. Looks like a minor problem but it can ruin the components inside the auger area. This problem is easy to solve, follow our given tips.

How To Fix Traeger Pellet Grill Issues

  • Open controller display
  • Remove pellet hopper
  • Remove the auger system from the Grill
  • Remove the auger motor
  • Use a pipe wrench to remove the auger
  • Use a vacuum cleaner to clean bad pellets
  • Fix all items as before and test

Highly recommend watching this Traeger grill troubleshooting video for how to do it easily.

3. A Bad Hot Rod Igniter

Traeger hot rod problems can also be one reason why your pellet grill is causing temperature problems. Because the igniter/hot rod used in your pellet smoker grill is faulty or broken. Such a problem often occurs after a few years of use.

If your igniter/hot rod is damaged or broken it does not affect the auger it will continue to push the pellets into the burning vessel, but a damaged or broken igniter/hot rod will be unable to ignite the pellets.

Traeger grills come with a limited warranty of 3 to 10 years, which is a good thing for those investing in this brand. The bad news for the ignitor/hot rod warranty is just 1 year.

If you are thinking that you will solve this problem on your own then let me tell you that it is very easy and you will need to buy a high-quality igniter/hot rod. If you are completely clueless then this process will take 15-30 minutes. Also, read Best Pellet Grills Under 500

How To Fix Trager Grill Hot Rod Problems

  • Unplug completely
  • Remove all components like cooking grates etc.
  • Find out the firepot
  • Remove the broken hot rod and replace it with a new one
  • Re-fix all removed parts
  • Start smoking.

Guide how to easily change Traeger Hot Rod

4. Traeger Grills Dirty Temperature Sensor

A dirty temperature sensor is also one of the reasons for your Traeger’s temperature problems. Therefore, you should take care of the maintenance of the pellet grill so that problems like temperature do not arise in the future.

The Traeger Pellet Grill’s cooking area has a temperature sensor, or resistance temperature detector, that you need to monitor and keep clean from time to time.

When the grill’s temperature sensor or resistance temperature detector is covered with smoke fumes or vapors, you will continue to get an incorrect temperature reading. In this way, the consumption of pellets will be reduced to keep things running smoothly, and eventually, the fire will be extinguished.

Luckily, if you own a Traeger Pellet Grill, it has smart features. Everything may work fine but that doesn’t mean you should stop looking at this issue yourself. Also, read Best Pellet Grill Smoker

How To Fix Sensor Problems

  • Carefully remove the temperature sensor.
  • Clean the sensor using hot water with a normal dishwasher.
  • Erase the temperature sensor.
  • Make sure it will dry thoroughly before fixing it.
  • Fix it where it was before.
  • Test to make sure it measures the correct temperature.

Learn How to Replace the RTD Temperature Probe

5. The Induction Fan Is Not Working

This is another reason that temperature issues arise with any pellet grill. This kind of problem occurs when the grill is used after a long time, it is because you did not maintain it properly.

When grease builds up in an induction fan, it can affect speed. The only reason for this is that it was not cleaned on time and not done as much as needed.

The fire needed oxygen air to light, the fan being the source of oxygen. If the fan does not work, the fire will not start.

How To Fix

  • Turn off the pellet grill and remove the plug.
  • Remove the fan and clean all grease and debris.
  • Rotate the fan several times with your hands.
  • Make sure the fan running well, check if any accumulated dirt is still on the fan, and clean it.
  • Remove the induction fan and wash it thoroughly.
  • If the fan is broken or beyond repair, replace it

6. Ash Build-up

Traeger Grill Temperature Problem

A common reason for pellet grills not burning is excessive ash accumulation. But if the grill is on, then it is possible to have a temperature fluctuation due to excess ash build-up. It’s often not about maintenance.

You will be surprised to know that the pellets do not release much ash, yet you should take special care of cleanliness. Otherwise, the fire will go out and your grill will not heat up.

How To Fix

  • Remove the ash from the grill before storing it using a high-pressure vacuum cleaner.
  • Inspect the pellet grill and make sure ash build-up is not a problem.

7. Improperly Stored Wood Pellets

However, this is only a matter of the low-quality pellet grill category mentioned above. This is the second biggest reason that causes problems such as temperature fluctuations and auger jams in pellet grills.

We’ve noticed that often new and experienced grillers don’t follow the right way to store pellets. It is a common misconception among people that you should buy pellets that you are not carrying in an airtight container. But this is not a correct idea at all.

Most wood pellets require some airing which even the suppliers of the pellets recommend. Perhaps condensed in a closed bag or box. The key here is to choose a place that is dry or free of moisture to store your pellets.

You should choose a wood pallet manufacturer brand that is less prone to such problems and which can be stored easily. They should have clear instructions necessary for storing wood pellets or does it matter?

If you use older or moisture-rich wood pellets that have been stored for a long time, you will face the consequences. This makes your pellet grill more likely to break and be damaged.

There are two great ways to get rid of these bad pellets, either by replacing them right away or by using compost in your garden.

How To Fix

  • The only solution here is to store wood pellets in a dry place.

8. Some Other Important Factors to Traeger Grill Temperature Issues

Let us know about some more pellet grill issues which are temperature fluctuating, controlling, WiFi connectivity, and safety issues.

Improper Air Circulation

In this case, the cooking area of ​​any (charcoal, electric, gas, pellet) grill, if the hot air is not circulated properly, one of the reasons is temperature fluctuation.

Often caused by over-cooking in the cooking area or by using a large pan. Sometimes it is also caused by the fault of the induction fan which has already been talked about.

How To Fix

  • If cooking a large cut of beef or using the pan, make sure there is at least an inch gap between the grill and the beef cut or edge of the pan.
  • On the second grill, try to maintain an inch from the edge of the grill, keeping a gap between the two cuts of meat.

Traeger Grill Probe Error Code

When your Traeger pellet grill displays errors like HEr, LEr, ERR, ER1, ER2, or ER3 associated with temperature issues. Investigate to see if your meat probe is inserted into the port on the controller.

If there is no meat thermometer probe, you must try it by pressing the meat probe button. This will toggle the controller back to the grill temperature.

How To Fix

If you inserted your meat probe into the meat, unplug the probe and then plug it back in. If the error code still persists, you may need a new meat probe.

If you want, you can get complete information about Traeger Error Codes in our article.

Traeger Grill Controller Issues

Traeger thermostat problems are a major problem that causes you to lose all control over the Treasure Grill but it is only caused by a bug in your Treasure app or corrupted software. Perhaps there is another reason why troubleshooting is done properly.

How To Fix

All you have to do is reset the app from your phone which will fix the Traeger thermostat problem. You can easily reset the app yourself but you will need a professional to Traeger grill troubleshoot the problem properly.

Traeger Grill Flame Out

If your Traeger Pellet Grill flames out, there are a couple of reasons behind this problem, the grill’s pellet level may be critical or exhausted and the pellets have run out, or some other error may have caused the grill to fire out.

In this case, the Traeger Grill will shut down and go into a short cool-down period of 5 minutes.

How To Fix

  • Find the problem on the Traeger app.
  • Check temperature sensor
  • Verify that the placement of FIREPOT is accurate, (it is Critical to function properly)
  • Check pellet level notification
  • Manually confirm that the auger motor connection is secure and not damaged.

If all is well then test if this will not solve your problem. You must call a Traeger specialist.

Traeger Temp Probe Not Working

Two common reasons a Traeger Grill Temp Probe doesn’t work are that the meat probe is broken or has accumulated vapor or dirt. Plus, the above explains how to clean the sensor. Read review articles for the best meat probes.

Traeger Not Connecting to WIFI

This is because of the temperature controller which we have discussed above let us discuss the issue of control. follow directions.

Opening Lid Too Often

Opening and closing the lid frequently creates a temperature problem that often happens with new meat smokers and grillers. Remember, “If you’re watching, you’re not cooking!”

Improper Startup & Shutdown

You are inadvertently or unintentionally not using the proper startup and shutdown procedures for the Traeger Grill because you are new to it. This creates the problem of temperature fluctuations during cooking.

Be sure to follow the instructions for using the Traeger pellet grill.

Constantly Changing Temperature

If you keep changing the temperature frequently during cooking then maintaining an accurate temperature becomes a problem. Instead, allow time between changing temperatures so the grill is easier to keep up with the changes, or else the problem will continue to escalate.

Traeger Timberline Pellet Grill Problem

It is necessary to mention here the Timberline as it comes with advanced features that are facing the most temperature issues. It can be caused by one or two or more of the above, but there can be other reasons as well.

Improper Installation of Timberline Firepots

Firepots mounted on the new Traeger Timberline sometimes get stuck on the auger tube. Make sure your firepot grill is installed flush with the barrel and that the cardboard is removed from the packaging.

Using a Drip Tray Liner or Foil

Do you have a new Timberline or Timberline XL? So you are never allowed to use foil or drip tray liners. The new Timberline grills conduct heat more effectively than other Traeger models, so using foil or drip tray liners can significantly affect the grill’s ability to maintain a constant temperature.

Drip Tray & Heat Baffle/Heat Shield

If the drip tray or heat baffle on the grill is damaged or installed incorrectly, you may have a temperature problem. This can be due to temperature fluctuations, highly deformable components, or rusting to the point that there is a hole in the tray or baffle.

Damaged parts should be replaced immediately.

Final Verdict

I hope you have got a lot of information about the Traeger Pellet Grill temperature problems and their troubleshooting in this article that basically based on my experience.

If your Traeger grill is not heating then it is a common problem, you do not need to worry much. The Traeger grill has no power just check the electric connection. If Traeger grill flame-out, just adjust the chimney which can be a hassle for some people.

The above issues will help you whenever you consider repairing or maintaining your Traeger Grill. It will depend on the condition of the parts whether you replace or repair them.

Best of luck with fixing your Traeger Pellet Grill; I’ve tried to help you start smoking the meat once again and hope that things are heating up fast again.

All information gathered from experiments and experience to troubleshoot the Traeger Grill Temperature Problems.

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