Weber Q1000 vs Q1200 – Which one is Better?

If you are searching for the best portable and small gas grill for your next beach day, tailgate party, and picnic with your family. Then either option between Weber Q1200 and Q1000 is best for you. After comparing Weber Q1000 vs Q1200, you easily find the best one for you.

Before starting the compression between both of them must read something about “Weber”. This grills and smoker manufacturer is the best and a world-famous in-between pitmaster.

We have highlighted the difference between weber q1200 and q1000 for you so that you can choose the right one when you are going to buy and don’t get confused between the two.

What’s the difference between the Weber Baby Q1000 and Q1200? So both are the best portable gas grills and best camping gas grills under 200.

These are a little size that provides excellent portability and has great features. Which of these you should buy is Weber Q1200. You can read the best gas grill under 300 may this article helpful as well.

Weber Q1000 vs Q1200

Weber Q1000 vs Q1200

As we know that these grills are of the same series, in which the model differs, but they have some similar features. Let’s talk about it now. What is the common feature in weber Q1000 vs Q1200?

Similarities – Weber Q1200 vs Q1000

  1. Material: These best portable gas grill bodies and lids are constructed with heavy-duty cast aluminum and cooking grates with porcelain enameled cast iron. Easy to clean and rust-resistant.
  2. Burner: Grill has a stainless steel burner that produces 8500BUTs power per hour Which is outside of the grill grate.
  3. Cooking Surface: The grill has a total of 189 square inches of cooking area which best for tailgate, picnic, or beach parties.
  4. Cleaning: Both grills allow you to clean them easily after completing the cooking tasks. It can be easily washed and dried with a cloth or dishwasher.
  5. Valve: Infinite control burner setting allow full control of the heat.
  6. Fuel Type: Both grills have disposal propane liquid that is sold separately.
  7. Assembling: Both grills need to be assembled and it is very easy just to use the Blit App and follow the direction for assembling.
  8. Warranty: This is the best part which is provided by the manufacturer its come with 5-years limited warranty (For cook box, burner tube, lid, and cooking grates)

Both of the best grills have the convenience that you can use as a tabletop grill. Carts are available if you want to mount the grill.

The name of this Q1000 now changed before it was called Baby Q and at one time its model name is Q100. The Q1200 is renamed before we call the Q120.

Weber Q1200

There are some upgraded features with Q1200 that’s why this is the better choice for you. And check what Weber Q1000 vs Weber Q1200 difference. And if you also looking for the best electric grill under your budget you can read my article.

  1. Thermometer: The Weber Q1200 has a lid-mounted thermometer that allows you to monitor cooking temperature.
  2. Side Table: The Weber Q1200 has a table on both sides that gives you extra space for cooking and can bend easily to store it.
  3. Starting System: Both grills have easy starting systems, But Q1000 has push-button staring while Q1200 has an electric ignition system that is better than a push button.
  4. Size: The Lid-dome size is more than extra comparably Q1000.
  5. Color Option: The Weber Q1200 series has six different color options that attract me.
  6. Customers Reviews: Weber Q1200 has 89% of verified customers give 5 stars and sold quantity more than 3700 units, and 87% verified customer gives 5 stars for Weber Q1000 and sold more than quantity 2300 units.

Compare Picture Weber Q1000 vs Q1200

Point out the cursor on the line and slide it.

Temeprature Controlling – Weber Gas Grill Q1000 vs Q1200

The Weber Q1000 has everything a best small grill should have but there is no thermometer that has a great roll for best cooking flavored and also helps you to monitor the cooking temperature for best roasting, baking, smoking, and more results.

You may experience more grilling, but if you use the Q1000 continuously, then after some time you will feel the need for a thermometer.

Quick Specification

Weber Q-1000Weber Q-1200
Cosntruction MaterialsAluminumAluminum, Cast Iron
Ignition SystemPush SparkElectric
Side TableNoYes
Grill Area189 square-inch189 square-inch
Color OptionsOne OnlyMultiple
Item Weight27.5 Pounds26 Pounds
Price View on AmazonView on Amazon


Here are some most frequently asked questions about the Weber Q. let’s talk about them.

Is Weber Q worth the money?

Yes, the Q series has a lot of features, and the content is good. Burner needs replacement after 10 years. What else do you need for $ 200? The higher-level grills of the Q series attract you with their excellent feature and performance.

Again “yes” Weber provides more than your money spent. But sometimes there are some errors.

Is Weber a good brand?

Weber has been satisfying its customers with innovation and luxurious grills for the past 70 years. Weber is one of the few brands that excel in grill making. So I assure you weber, not a good brand it is just an excellent brand.

Is Weber Q1000 a baby Q?

The Weber Q-1000 series’ first name is Baby Q-100. Did you know that Baby Q is great at roasting whole chicken? Be it at home, outside in the bush, or at the beach, the Weber Q series gives you a whole lot of flexibility.

Final Verdict

Now I hope you have given information that what are the differences between both the Weber Portable Grills. Surely there is only one winner.

Both grills are packed with excellent features, being portable, easy to clean, and made of sturdy materials, but the Weber Q1200 adds a thermometer that’s best for temperature control. Then Weber Q1200 is a great choice for your next outdoor party.

As far as the Weber Baby Q is concerned, there isn’t a huge price difference between the two models, so I’d recommend spending $30 more and going with the Weber Q-1200 as it’s extra with a temperature gauge, on both sides table, and multi color options.

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