What Wood Is In Pit Boss Competition Blend

What wood is in Pit Boss competition blend is a trending question. May you also wonder about this question? We put pit boss competition blend reviews here for better understanding!

The Pit Boss Competition Blend is a perfect and secret blend of 25% hickory, 50%maple and 25% cherry hardwoods. This Competition Blend hardwood pellet adds soft fruity undertones with a light sweet and savory aroma to any type of food you cook.

Pit Boss pellets are produced in the midst of diverse and abundant hardwood, you can feel confident that you were using premium quality food-grade BBQ pellets at a very competitive price.

Is Pit Boss Competition Blend Use Glue

No, there are no artificial flavors, spray fragrances, chemicals or glues have been used in Pit Boss Competition, it is completely adulterant free. Yet Pit Boss Competition Blend is very complex but it is versatile and can be used with almost anything.

Source of the Pit Boss Competition Blend?

What Wood Is In Pit Boss Competition Blend

A specialist man with a horse is taken into the forest to collect the wood, whose job it is to select the premium quality hardwood and send it to the Pit Boss’s pellet wood processing yard.

To create this Pit Boss Competition Blend, Pit Boss was sourced from farmers and privately grown plants throughout North American forests.

Is Pit Boss Competition Blend Cheap?

Yes, Pit Boss Competition Blend is one of the most sought-after for its smoky flavor, but the question is, doesn’t it burn your pocket? No, it is available at very affordable prices. You just need to know the right place.

Where to Buy Pit Boss Competition Blends?

I would suggest you compare the price at least in two places then you will know where to buy but if you ask me I would recommend you to buy from Pit Boss’s Official site.

We’ve seen 40 pounds of Pit Boss Competition Blend selling for over $40 on other sites, while on their official page it’s available for prices under that.

link is given check it yourself, Amazon, and Pit Boss

What is the Process of Making Pit Boss Competition Blends?

Initially, the wood is fed into a large hopper as the removal of bad bark is the first step to getting a great taste, the bad bark is pushed to the other side with the help of a conveyor belt.

Logs are put into a chipper and again sorted by species, then a loader loads the wood chips into a hopper, where competing teams from around the world create world-class plans to be used by restaurants and consumers.

The chips make three passes through a rotating dryer to reduce the moisture content to confidential levels. They then run it through a hammer mill to refine it to the consistency of sawdust.

Here you can learn how to smoke chees on your Pit Boss smoker.

The mill is blown where the feed can be fed into the mill through extreme heat and human pressure which activates the natural lignans within the wood fibers that hold the castle together.

Absolutely no blues or binders are used. Pit Boss pellets are placed in fresh pellet gravity bags, then loaded and delivered to market.

Review (What Wood Is In Pit Boss Competition Blend)

The Pit Boss Competition Blend Reviews; Well there are a lot of words to praise it all we want to say is the “Perfect balance of smoke flavor”

This is the easiest pick for everyday pellet grill use, with a well-rounded smoke flavor that allows you to really take advantage of everything whether you’re using a Pit Boss Pellet Grill Smoker or a Gas Grill, Charcoal Grill, or If using an electric grill.

What to do when your Pit Boss grill creates problems with temperature control.

We love these Pit Boss Competition Mix Pellets. We have been testing pellets on a variety of smokers for about 6 months. They’re consistent, no jamming with them, and they don’t burn too fast.

We highly recommend these grills to our readers who don’t want to babysit their BBQ. We’ve tried it on ribs, brisket, pork, chicken, and turkey. After using everything turns out an excellent and delicious flavor.

Some More Best Pit Boss Blends

We would like to introduce you to some wood pellet blends that you probably didn’t know about until now. Which is tremendous in any sense, it is necessary to use them once.

Pit Boss Whiskey Blend; Smoky and sweet flavor with an aromatic touch. This is one of the premium blends of 100% pure oak, and perfect for all your red meats.

Pit Boss Charcoal Blend; This blend is great if you want a charcoal smoky touch to your food. Charcoal blend pellets deliver the bold aroma of oak hardwood with the strong, classic flavor of charcoal. Again this is the perfect choice for uniting the greatest of flavors in outdoor cooking.

Pit Boss Pitmaster Blend; Sweet, salty, and astringent taste with aromatic flavor. A premium blend of several classic hardwoods to maximize smoky wood flavor. Pitmaster blends are created to impart a rich smoky flavor, so those looking for a bold, strong smoke should try this wood pellet.


How to Use Pit Boss Competition Blend Pellets

If you’re using a pellet grill it’s easy to simply use it, all you need to do is thoroughly clean the pellet hopper and pour Pit Boss Competition Blend into the hopper. You set the temperature and all you have to do is wait till your food is cooked.

How to Use Pit Boss Competition Blend on Gas Grills

If you have a gas grill, charcoal grill, or electric grill, all you need to buy is one inexpensive appliance, so you can use Pit Boss Competition Blend.

1. Buy a pellet smoker box or smoker tube
2. Fill the box with this blend of pellets
3. Light Pit Boss competition blends for 10-15 minutes
4. If the fire starts well, then extinguish it, now close the lid of the food box, and let the food smoke out.
5. With the smoker tube, you can smoke for about 2 hours, if you want more smoke in your food, follow the process again.

Pit Boss Competition Blend Ingredients

In fact, the Pit Boss Competition blends are made from three main ingredients 25% hickory, 25% cherry, and 50% maple hardwood. But their mixing process has been kept very secret.

What Flavor Is Pit Boss Competition Blend?

This is a masterpiece of delivering the smoke and great taste, it delivers a sweet-savory aroma, and a soft fruity flavor that is for your pork, beef, chicken, seafood, or veggies.

How Long Did Pit Boss Competition Blend last?

A 40-pound Pit Boss competition mix consumes 1.5 pounds to 2 pounds per hour. In our experience, a 40-pound mix comfortably lasts for 24 hours.

Final Verdict – What Wood Is In Pit Boss Competition Blend

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You need not balk at this cheap investment as it is going to add great flavor and color to your food. Please use the link provided for price compression.

View prices on Amazon and Pit Boss.

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