Yoder YS640 Temperature Problems – Fix With Us Using Expert Tips

What are the Yoder Ys640 temperature problems? Planning to cook delicious food in your backyard this summer? There’s no better idea than lighting up the grill and spending time outside with your family. At the bottom, you will get a temperature issue checklist.

If you are the owner of a Yoder YS640 pellet smoker that suddenly develops temperature-related problems it ruined all your plans.

But wait, you have tried to know why your Yoder YS640 is causing temperature problems. There isn’t only one cause of the Yoder YS640 temperature problems.

The most common problems faced by Yoder smokers are non-ignition, not-getting hot enough, frequent shut-off, fan not working, auger not working, and many more.

If you want to solve your Yoder Pellet Grill problem then you can start reading this article further.

Cause of Yoder YS640 Temperature Problems

Yoder Ys640 Pellet Smoker has been maintaining a good hold in the market among consumers for many years. But temperature control issues have been reported on the Ys640 for some time now.

Actually, the temperature fluctuation issue already has almost all pellet grill brands. If your Yoder Ys640 grill tries to maintain temperature but doesn’t hold up has many reasons.

If a smoker should not maintain a low temperature for a long time, resulting the food will be undercooked.

Let’s get started with the causes and solutions for Yoder YS640 temperature problems one by one.

Using Low-Quality Wood Pellets

The most common cause of Yoder YS640 temperature problems is that you are using a low-quality wood pellet. You must have used the remaining wood pellet in the hopper which allows moisture to get in easily.

When you use poor quality or wet wood pellets, the pressure of the auger on the pellets will break them and it hardly burns but if it burns then after some time the fire gets extinguished due to which the temperature drops. Although this is the most common mistake of the griller so it goes unnoticed.

Low-quality wood pellets can affect the performance of your Yoder pellet grill and damage the auger, induction fan, temperature sensor, and igniter hot rod, after which you will need to replace them.

Yoder Smoker Auger Not Working

Another reason for your Yoder pellet smoker temperature problem is the auger doesn’t turn. But why doesn’t the auger turn?

The biggest reason for this is to use low-quality wooden pallets and secondly because it was not cleaned timely. When you use lower-quality pellets, as the auger pushes the pellets into the firepot, it breaks and accumulates in the firepot.

The fire pot is not capable of burning wet pellets, so it fills up with pellets, and the auger jams as a result. Now the auger gets clogged due to the moist pellets in the firepot.

The hot rod ignitor will try its best and catch fire but eventually, the fire will be extinguished.

Yoder Ys640 Fan Not Working

Air plays a very important role in starting a fire, but if the induction fan fails, the airflow source will be shut off. The job of a combustion fan is to deliver hot air to the cooking area as well as oxygen to the fire pot.

If for any reason the combustion fan is turned off or not running, the fire will burn for a while and then extinguish causing a temperature problem in Yoder smokers.

This often happens when you have not taken care of it properly.

Damper Setting

The Pellet Grill’s damper controls the airflow, temperature, and smoke inside your Yoder YS640 Pellet Grill. Make sure the air damper setting is based on the cooking method. Otherwise, your pellet grill overheats on the low-temperature setting. The adjustment of the damper can easily control how hot the smoker will be.

Dirty Temperature Sensor Or Faulty

The temperature sensor is installed inside the cooking area of ​​the pellet grill, passing the internal temperature information to the auger system so that the auger can feed the pellet into the firepot in time. The temperature sensor gives incorrect information for two reasons.

Firstly, if your temperature sensor is faulty, then, in addition, vapor or ash has accumulated on it. In both cases, you have to check it.

To verify that the Yoder smoker temp probe is not faulty, you just need to check that the temperature probe wire is not broken, if not clean the RTD probe.

Constantly Changing Temperature Setting

The Yoder YS640 Pellet Smoker takes some time to stabilize the temperature. But as soon as your pellet smoker starts, the temperature changes. You will see the temperature fluctuate after a while because you are constantly changing the temperature setting.

Because of this, hot air is affected by the deflector and the pellet grill sees sometimes low and sometimes high temperatures. It will definitely affect the taste of your food.

Improper Startup of Yoder YS640

It is often seen that some people do not follow the initial instructions of the manufacturer and start smoking in their own way. It is very important that you follow the instruction manual for the initial startup.

You need to be aware of the specific time interval during which the optimum preheating of your pellet grill must be performed before setting the required temperature. What is the role of the water pan and do need it in the pellet grill?

If you set the desired temperature directly without going through the preheating process, the auger overfeeds to the firepot and results in a higher temperature.

In addition, if you put the food inside the grill immediately without the preheating process of the Yoder YS640 pellet smoker, it will also lead to temperature fluctuations.

Fix Yoder YS640 Temperature Problems

You are here it means that your Yoder YS640 pellet smoker has a problem with temperature fluctuation. If you have read all the above points carefully then you must have got the answer to a great extent but there are some other factors as well which will be read below.

Let’s move on and learn how to fix the Yoder smoker temperature problem.

Use High-Quality Wood Pellets

The main cause of temperature problems in a Yoder YS640 pellet smoker is what type of wood pellet you are using. Above we told you that wet pellet is the biggest reason for temperature fluctuating. That’s why you should always use high-quality and completely dry wood pellets. Here you can read about What is the best wood for brisket.

Make sure you are using the dry 100% wood pellets. Traeger Grill & Pit Boss is one of the biggest names in manufacturing top-quality wood pellets.

If pellets were left in the hopper during your last smoking session, they will absorb moisture from the atmosphere, even if you covered the hopper properly. By the way, wood pellet already contains from 5% to 8% moisture. Avoid using pellets left inside the hopper.

How to Store Wood Pellets

Is this important? You don’t have to put wood pellets in a plastic bag directly on the ground, especially on a concrete floor. Doing so will absorb moisture into the wooden pallet and will not perform well.

The best way to store pellets in an air-tight container is to remove the remaining pellets from the hopper and put them in the container. NOTE: Seal the lid completely to protect the wood pellets from atmospheric.

Highly recommend using a Traeger pellet bin for storing the wood pellets.

Is Unplugging Important?

This is a small but serious issue that needs to be considered. Do you unplug the Yoder pellet smoker after using it? If your pellet smoker is already connected to electricity, unplug it for at least 30 seconds and plug it in again for the startup.

If you do not do this, the pellet smoker may catch fire after pressing the start button, and there is a high chance that the display will be incorrect temperature information.

Cleaning Yoder Pellet Smoker

Cleaning can extend the life of any pellet grill smoker. If you don’t clean a pellet grill properly, it can cause problems such as temperature fluctuations, the grill won’t burn, poor airflow, auger clogged, and both fans failing to function properly.

You should pay utmost attention to the cleanliness of all these parts. Because this may be the real reason why your Yoder YS640 is showing a temperature problem.

It is really important to clean the ashes from the burning kiln before each cooking session. Your Yoder YS640 pellet smoker will not fire after pressing the pellet grill button before each cooking session, unless it is routine maintenance, excessive pellet use leads to fluctuating and erratic performance.

Temperature and eventually wood pellets can burn back into the hopper, as well as shorten the life of the igniter. Use a high-powered vacuum cleaner to remove dust and ash.

Please watch the video on how to clean the Yoder Ys640 pellet smoker

Temperature Sensor Faulty Or Misplace

Check your temperature probe to see if it is damaged, faulty, or misplaced. If your temperature probe is faulty or damaged, it’s time to replace it. Check out the best digital thermometer.

You also need to make sure the temperature probe is at least 6″ from the wall of the pellet smoker or from the bottom mash of the cooking area. Either one. Make sure the thermometer probe is not in front of the Yoder ys640 thermocouple. If so you will not get accurate temperature readings.

Check Both Fans Working

Both the induction fan and the combustion fan play a big role in the temperature fluctuations of the pellet grill. So listen carefully if you can hear thunder from your fans. You have to check both, especially the connection wire.

If there is dirt on them, clean and test them. Now it doesn’t work, it needs to be replaced immediately.

Using Spray During Cooking

The most common mistakes made by the new owner of a Yoder pellet smoker. Do you sprinkle the liquid on the meat as it cooks and if so, how often?

Pouring liquid into the cooking zone has an evaporative cooling effect, causing a sudden drop in temperature in the cooking chamber.

You will have to escape or turn the controller away for the temperature to return to normal.

Using a Warped Heat Diffuser

You are not using the heat diffuser plate correctly. It can be used in cooking areas from about 375 to 400 degrees. If you’re cooking at a high temperature, remove the heat diffuser, and the food should be cooked directly on the grill grates.

If you cook at more than 400 degrees with a heat diffuser plate, you may experience wrapping the corners of the end of the hopper on the plate, but this can also happen during normal use.

This warping can make the temperature in the cooking chamber uncertain because the corners will allow a large amount of heat to reach the Yoder thermocouple.

Using Pans or Trays

Are you using a pan or tray while cooking? Pan and tray pellets negatively affect the performance and temperature of the smoker and block the flow of heat and air into the cooking chamber.

This is one reason why you will need to raise the cooking temperature in your Yoder pellet smoker.

Food cooking in pans and trays may not get the right temperature, so you’ll need to set it to the specified temperature. Since some meals require a pan and a tray, set the temperature to high.

Is your chimney mounted flush with the inner wall of the cooking chamber? This is a requirement that you follow specified in the manual. If you are in a cold area then which type of pellet grill do you need?

Are you using a different probe port to run your probe in the pellet smoker? Therefore it is forbidden to use the probe port from the door. And if you are using multiple temperature probes, they will all have a difference in temperature.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Yoder Damper Position?

The surface of the grate will cook evenly with a damper pushed in about 5 inches, creating the ideal environment for even cuts of meat at slow cooking.

How Long Does It Take For a Yoder to Heat Up?

If you want your Yoder grill to be hot and ready to cook, it will take you some time to heat up. If direct grilling is used, it will take 10 to 15 minutes for the grill to reach the optimum cooking temperature, and indirect cooking is planned, with 20 to 30 minutes of heat being applied to the entire smoking chamber.

What Happens If Yoder Runs Out Of Pellets?

No need to panic here, if this happens the temperature will remain as long as the wood pellet remains in the firepot and as soon as the firepot is found, the fire will extinguish, and drop the temperature of the cooking zone.

As you pour the wood pellet into the hopper, the temperature is maintained back up within a few minutes.

What Does The Damper Do On A Yoder Smoker?

The Yoder Pellet Smoker uses not only a damper to control the airflow and temperature of the cooking chamber. Adjusting the damper can control how much your pellet smoker will smoke and how much heat.

When you push the damper all the way down, less air flows into the smoker, and it produces less smoke. It is ideal for slow-cooking meats such as brisket, which require low and slow cooking to make them juicy and tender.

Final Verdict

I hope you get a complete answer to why my pellet grill temperature fluctuations.

This article is the complete guide you need if your Yoder pellet smoker is having temperature problems. You have to follow everything carefully.

If after this still, you do not get the solution then I would recommend you to contact Yoder customer service. Learn more about the best pellet grill under $500.

Please Yoder YS640 Manual Download

Please Download Here the Yoder Temperature Check List

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