Top #5 Vertical Smoker With Offset Firebox (Guide)

Finding a vertical smoker with offset firebox, when you have strength in your brain, it is hard to get the best one for your use. But they do give you a great cooking area where you can feed a huge crowd.

Though your choices are a bit different which sets you apart from the crowd. I congratulate you on this. We have selected some options for you, I hope you like them.

We will give you complete information about a vertical smoker with an offset firebox as well as the features offered so that you can easily choose one. let’s start.

Top 5 Best Vertical Smoker With Offset Firebox

What is the best vertical smoker with an offset firebox? If you are looking for the best vertical smokers then this guide article is for you.

Although there is a shortage in the market, we have found some of the best vertical smokers with offset fireboxes for you. I hope your search ends here. So let’s move on to the review!

Dyna-Glo Wide Body Vertical Smoker with Offset Firebox


  • Price
  • A huge cooking area
  • Charcoal & ash management system
  • Temperature controlling
  • Smokestack & Smoke zone features


  • You have to pay attention to temperature control

Dyna Glo wide-body vertical smoker with offset firebox made of high-quality steel-coated porcelain. The smoker offers great durability and is excellent performing. The design is great for naturally increasing the temperature which provides great flavor and taste.

It offers a large cooking area of 1890 square inches with 6 adjustable cooking racks. It has enough area if you want to feed a huge backyard party. You can cook about 25 pounds at a time.

Dyna Glo smoker with offset firebox offers precision temperature control using the Smokestack features. The stainless steel temperature gauge with a “smoke zone” indicates the ideal temperature that infuses the food flavor.

Ideally designed to optimize indirect heat flow for slow and low smoking best vertical offset smokers. The firebox holds the briquettes very tightly to increase burn efficiency.

The vertical smoking chamber is porcelain coated and has an ash management system with a removable ash pan under the firebox to collect the ash for easy cleaning.

This vertical smoker comes with a one-year limited warranty and enjoys 4.5 rating stars from its verified buyers.

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Dyna-Glo Signature Smoker With Offset Firebox


  • Affordable price
  • Sturdy material
  • Easy mobility all around the backyard
  • Excellent temperature control
  • 3-year limited warranty


  • Complaints about the delivered damaged units

Dyan-Glo has introduced the Signature Series DGSS1382VCS-D vertical smoker with an offset firebox that resembles the shape of a cylinder. This offset smoker comes with a unique design that is made of a heavy-duty steel structure to last long.

This vertical offset smoker has a total cooking capacity of 1382 square inches with 5-chrome coated adjustable steel cooking racks, as well as a 284-square-inch separate offset grilling area.

The smoker fits into the center stack of the unit, making it good for an offset smoker, and adding a few extra features to a great smoker grill combo.

This vertical smoker has all the basic features like an air damper to control the heat and smoke. A temperature gauge to monitor temperature, sturdy wheels, and feet that allow for seamless portability.

Yes, any smoker is incomplete without cleaning management, and with that included here is a removable firebox that’s as easy to clean as adding fuel.

This smoker comes with a 3-year limited warranty (craftsmanship) and has an overall rating of 4.6 by verified users.

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Dyna-Glo Best Vertical Smoker


  • Nice price tag
  • Get that classic smokehouse flavor
  • Heavy-duty constructed
  • Ash management system


  • Difficult to adjustable and move

The Dyna-Glo Vertical Smoker is the smaller version of the Dyna-Glo wide-body vertical smoker.

Both smokers have similar features, performance, construction materials, and everything that goes inside the Dyna Glo Vertical Wide Smoker. The only difference is in their cooking area.

It also has two separate chambers, one for cooking and the other uses for the firebox. Both come with more grilling area but this unit comes in at 1176 square inches and the load holding capacity is the same 25-lb.

This model also has a built-in steel thermometer and a “Smoke Zone” that indicates the infuse ideal temperature and an easy-to-read gauge.

The Dyna-Glo vertical smoker comes with a one-year limited warranty and enjoys a 4.5-star rating from users.

Oklahoma Joe’s Bandera Verticle Offset Smoker


  • Heavy duty
  • Cooking area for grilling
  • Hanging hooks


  • Price is high
  • Heavier

Oklahoma Joe’s is a big name in the grill smoker manufacturing industry. Although it’s now bought by Char-Broil, you have the famous Bandera Smoker and Grill, a great design from Oklahoma Joe’s.

The Bandera Verticle Offset Smoker looks a bit different from the above option with extra space where you can store smoking equipment, food items, charcoal, and more.

It is made of heavy-duty gauge steel which means more stable and durable. It is slightly heavier at 192 pounds which provides stability but requires some physical force to move.

It is surprisingly versatile for grilling and smoking facilities. Oklahoma Joe’s Bandera smoker has 254 square inches for a grill and 738 square inches in the smoking room, it also has 2 hooks to hold meat in the smoking chamber.

Efficient control of temperature, smoke, and airflow using multiple adjustable dampers with a door-mounted temperature gauge. Water pain increases the moisture content of your cooked meat.

It has a 2-year limited warranty and a 3.9 average rating from verified buyers.

Smoke Canyon Vertical Smoker With an Offset Firebox


  • 6-crome plated hooks
  • Cool-touch handles
  • Multiple dampers


  • Less warranty
  • Low durability

This smoker of yours looks like a Dyna-Glo signature smoker but do the two have similar characteristics? Smoke Canyon vertical smoker with an offset firebox is also another option that you can’t find easily.

It’s also made from heavy gauge, cold-rolled steel, and 5-chrome-coated grill grates that provide 1100 square inches and 6 meat hooks for big cooking that isn’t bad at all.

This vertical smoker has all the basic features such as a water pan, wheels for easy moving around the backyard, and an easy-access door for adding charcoal or cleaning. Cool-touch handle.

Adjustable smoke stack and chamber-mounted temperature gauge to keep you up to date with food heat.

This vertical smoke comes with a limited warranty of 90 days only and an overall 4-star rating from verified users.

FAQ – Vertical Smoker With Offset Firebox

Are offset vertical smokers good?

Yes, an offset vertical smoker is an excellent idea for smoking large pieces of meat. Thanks to their dual chamber, it very easily adds more charcoal when needed. The charcoal firebox easily converts into a grilling area when you want it.

Are vertical smokers good for brisket?

There is no doubt that the best vertical smoker gives you even the best and classic results in brisket, the steam from the water pan keeps the brisket from drying out and the charcoal smoke gives the classic taste.

Which is better offset smoker or vertical smoker?

Both have their own specialties and drawbacks. Both are similar in taste but offset smokers tend to have a larger firebox than vertical smokers.

The second biggest difference is that in an offset smoker, you can cook large cuts of meat, whereas, in a vertical smoker, you have to cut the meat into smaller portions.

The third biggest difference is that a vertical smoker has a large cooking area where you can cook food for a large gathering.

How big should a firebox be on a smoker?

This is a great question that you must ask. Although normally no one does this. The size of the firebox should be 1/3 of the cook chamber.

Where do you put meat in a vertical smoker?

Once you have installed the water pan and firebox, you are now ready to place the meat inside the cooking chamber.

Before placing the meat in a vertical smoker, you need to check which type of meat requires the highest temperature.

The rule of thumb is to get tougher meat on the lowest cooking rack, and less tough meat on the top rack.

Final Verdict – Vertical Smoker With Offset Firebox

Now that you have come to the end of the review of the best vertical smoker Offset with Firebox, I hope you have picked one. Although all come within an affordable price point you should look for a great option.

Temperature control can be a problem with all these but if we talk about the best smokers then I would recommend you choose either Dyna-Glo Wide Body Vertical Smoker (View on Amazon) or Dyna-Glo Signature Smoker (View on Amazon).

But if you are looking for the shorter version then you should go for the Dyna-Glo Best Vertical Smoker (View on Amazon).

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